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March 2020

School Closing - COVID-19

As shared with our staff today, this is going to be a different experience for our school community. Let's choose a cup half-full perspective, and view this as a new opportunity to learn and grow in excellence together.

We have attached a flyer below with kid friendly graphics and talking points about COVID-19. Please defer to for correspondence from the county.

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During this time of virtual learning, we are assigning 1st through 5th grade students VJS Jr. lessons. Students may access VJS Jr. through Classlink. VJS, or Virtual Job Shadow, Jr. is an online program that teaches lessons about career exploration. The state mandates that 1st through 5th grade students learn about 17 career clusters throughout their time in elementary school. The clusters for each grade level are listed below.

(If students do not have the app on their Classlink page they need to add it. They can do so by clicking the plus sign in the top left hand corner of the page. Begin typing VJS Jr. and it should pop up on the screen. Click the app to add it.)

Please don't hesitate to email Ms. Scott or Ms. Kirk if you have any questions or concerns.

1st Grade

Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources

Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics

Law, Public Safety, and Security

2nd Grade

Arts, Audio Visual Technology, and Communications

Health Science

Education Training

3rd Grade

Hospitality and Tourism

Human Services

Georgia Energy

4th Grade

STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)


Business Management and Administration

Architecture and Construction

5th Grade


Information Technology


Government and Public Administration

Please continue reading for News You Can Use!

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Mindfulness Activities

One of our favorite practices to teach students is mindfulness. What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is the practice of placing attention and awareness on what is happening in the present moment without making any judgments about it. Mindfulness is beneficial for adults and children alike. It enhances physical, mental, creative, and emotional health. Mindfulness is a beneficial tool for kids specifically because it improves emotion regulation, increases self esteem, decreases worry, improves concentration, better decision making, better mood, and improvements in social skills.

With that said, we are also challenging our students to participate in the Mindfulness March calendar during virtual learning. For every day of the month, there is a different activity for the students to practice mindfulness. This would be an awesome activity for everyone in the home to complete together.

We have linked accompanying activities for each day of March for students to complete at home. Please visit Google Drive Document below.

Have a parent or guardian sign off on these activities to earn sunny money when we return!

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PK-2nd Grade Lessons- SEL

During this time of virtual learning, we encourage parents of pre-kindergarten-2nd grade students to utilize Howard B. Wigglebottom as a resource to continue Social-Emotional Learning (SEL). It's an awesome program that includes a video (book), a lesson (question and answer), and a song. The students love it! One of our favorite lessons to utilize is Howard B. Wigglebottom "Learns to Listen."

You can find the lessons by clicking on the link here.

3rd-5th Grade Lessons- Test Anxiety

With Milestones approaching, we had planned our lessons for March around test taking tips and reducing anxiety. Please view the videos below.
Managing Test Anxiety
5 Tips for Coping with Test Anxiety (for kids!)

Virtual Counseling Services

Counselors will remain available to respond to student situations via email. We will be available for phone or video conferences as needed.

If in need of further mental health resources, please visit