Schumacher Shout Outs!

January 8th, 2016

This Week's Shout Outs:

Ashley Johnson-

A shout out for making the extra effort to find pop cans for our science activity! From Kristi Lean

Kim Eddy-

A shout out for taking on a new schedule! I appreciate your flexibility and willingness to jump right in with our friends. From Beth Todtfeld

Cathy Mitchell-

A shout out for great detective work. From Mike Williams

Kayla Decker-

A shout out for being flexible and open with our para changes. You're amazing with our friends. From Beth Todtfeld

Laura Pixler-

Thank you for always lending an ear and helping me with my friends!

Hattie Cummings-

A shout out for always being so patient and kind. From Maureen McCubbin

Maureen McCubbin-

A shout out for always being so willing and quick to pull resources for me! Thanks! From Kristin Smith

Schumacher Staff-

A shout out for making it through the first week back from Winter Break.

Beth Todtfeld-

A shout out for always making me smile! I will miss you when baby T comes! From Ashley Johnson

Laurie Walls-

A shout out for getting my new puppy cool toys and bringing me lunch over break. From Julie Gosnell

Drew Gossett-

Thanks for shoveling snow and keeping staff and students safe.

All the Teachers who have dropped or added new students-

Thank you so much for your flexibility during this time of enrollment transitions. Thanks for kindly welcoming new students and for acting quickly with gradecards for those who have dropped. It really helps the process. From Hattie Cummings