Team 8-1 Weekly News

Mrs. Groomes, Mrs. Bense, Mrs. Jackson

The week of October 13- October 16th

What a relaxing weekend! We hope you all enjoyed your extra day off. Even though we have had a certified substitute in the position for mathematics on our team, official interviews are being held this week. Next week in our newsletter we will be able to announce the official position.

Report cards are going home Wednesday, October, 14th. Please be on the look out for these from your students. We hope to dive into a semester with a great beginning for our students.

Language Arts- Mrs. Groomes

We are continuing our investigation of our Scope journal this week. We will read a play called "The Spider Curse" in which a young teenage girl is taught the art of tapestry by Athena, goddess of wisdom, war, and the arts. Students will then compare this play to an article about Lance Armstrong. We will take a comma pretest to determine areas of strength and weakness. Students will take a quiz on Friday which will cover the Latin root words "graph", "gram", "scrip", and "scrib". A Study Stack link can be found in Google Classroom for all vocabulary words. Please ensure your student is reading 20-30 minutes every night.


This week we will be finishing up unit 3 with the distance formula and volume. This week we will start a mini-project using the distance formula. Students will be planning a trip across the United States. They will be given a map on a coordinate plane. They will have to use points to plan their trip showing the distance they travel each day, a midpoint for gas and food, and then extras they may choose to add. The project will be due on 10/21/2015. Which is one week from tomorrow. I think the students will have fun with the project. Their homework this week will be to work on the project. It will count as a test grade. If you have any questions, please feel free to email.

Science- Mrs. Jackson

In science we are delving into our energy unit. We will start off with potential and kinetic energy and move into the different transformations of energy. Students will be able to identify that all different types of energy can transform into other types of energy.

Social Studies- Mrs. Bense

This week we will be finishing up the Road to Revolution. Students will finish creating their Declaration of Independence Stamp, create a Time line of Key Events, and take a Vocabulary Quiz on Thursday and a test on Friday.

I have created a study stack titled Road to revolution for the students to study with. My username is Bense8. They also have the option to create a vocabulary study guide of their choice, (notecards, graphic organizer, etc.) to earn bonus points on the quiz.

Students will receive a study guide for the test on Wednesday that will be completed in class. They will also play Jeopardy on Thursday to reinforce what they have learned.

The textbook can be found at and the password is gamsh17.

My homework link can be found at: