A Survival Guide For Class 2017-Up

American Perspectives Students (Key Points)


Research, research, and research! Research is the best thing you can do in this class. I will not only help you, but others around you. You should have at least 5 good resources and not just random, but what will actually help you. This would be really useful thought your project and when its time to present.


Study! You should always study, even in your other classes. Even though it sucks, but it really helps you when your working, and getting ready to take a test. It will even help you in the end even though you don't know it.

Make Good Decisions

Always make good decisions! By making good decisions by who you work with, and how you use your time is the best route you can go. But making bad decisions could cost you not only a grade but a whole project.

Ask Questions

If your confused on something that you don't understand then raise your hand and ask. It will definitely help you in class, what you ask it might even help others, but be serious when you ask and be pacific.

Be Responsible

Be Responsible! Be responsible for your work that you were assigned, and what you have to do for your group. If you see a mess thats not yours then clean it up. Confess when you did wrong. Do the right things and make the right decisions and be a responsible human being, and in the end it will pay off even though it might not get noticed right away.

Come To Class Perpared

By coming to class prepared is one of the best things that you can do. So many people come to class unprepared and needing something and they need that always rely on others to give it to them. So don't rely on others it's also being responsible students. So by coming to class prepared is having all your work done thats due, your mac, and everything else, so always be prepared because you never know what you will be doing (heads up).

Have Self Confidence

By having self confidence you will be a stand out from your classmates. I know people freak out when people stand in front of others an have to talk or act, or present. So its good to have good self confidence so you can do what you have to with a good attitude and a strong manner, and statement.

Use Time Wisely

By using time wisely you can get a lot done in one hour of class. You could get finished all your assignments, and have no homework to do later. It also helps you stay ahead of the game or your peer's. So think things through, put your mind to it, and use your time wisely and much can be accomplished

Come to class ready to learn

Come to class ready to learn everyday, Because thats why you come to school, TO LEARN! Class could be fun yes even this class, but its not a play ground so if you want to act like a kindergartener you in the wrong school. This is to help you prepare for the real life that you will need to know so always be ready to learn and you can make it fun but don't get to carried away. And Always Pay Attention in Class!

Respect your teachers

By respecting your teachers you will be shown respect back. It will make the day not only for them but for you calm and having a good day. Plus there the one who determines that they will pass you so I would be nice to them. heres a good way by doing your work, and paying attention is some of the best ways you can do. Even if its boring.

Have A good attitude

By having a good attitude you can help lift other peoples sour moods. It also makes the teachers day when they see their student in a good mood. It also help with presentations, and when you are talking to others then having, say something you die, moods.

Don't be a destruction for others

Do not be a destruction for others, it is really disrespectful not only for your peers, but your teachers as well. People are there to learn to learn what they need to know because they want to be there or just to get it over with so they can do what they want to do so don't be a destruction. Also if something or someone distracts you then you need to put it away or think about somethings what would be better for your education.