By: Esther Ehrlich

Naomi Orenstein

Naomi Orenstein, she goes by Chirp, is in 5th grade. She lives with her family by the Salt Marsh. Her mother is a dancer, her father a psychologist and her sister is in high school. Chirp's mom has been diagnosed with MS a disease that makes her legs hurt and so she can't dance anymore. She goes through major depression and asked to go to a mental home. Chirp and her sister call it the nut house. Chirp is a strong, good, listening girl but a friend Joey escapes with her and they run away from the hard lives they are living. When she came back home ad relized the most important thing of all.

Lexile: 830

RC Points: 18

Author: Esther Ehrlich

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Quote, page number 50

"How would you like it if you were just wanting to just watch birds in your special spot and a lady shook a stick at you? Do you think you're the only one who had bad things happen to her? You don't know what the doctor said."

This is significant to Chirp because she has a lot of family problems in her life all happening at once.


Resiliency is the best way to describe Chirp because when her mom died she had gone through a stage of denial. She then ran away with a friend and returned home realizing she wasn't the only person who had lost her mom.

By: Ashlynn Suchy