My Digital Day

Taryn Langguth

Texting My Friends

Here is a picture of me trying to text someone from work to take my shift because I am not able to work that day. I don't text other people very often. Mainly my boyfriend and my mom are usually the people that I really text. Texting is my favorite choice of contacting people.

Daniel Texting his Friends

Daniel doesn't really like to text other people that often. He likes to talk to people face to face more than over technology. It is one of the main ways we talk to each other. If we didn't have texting then it would be just a little bit more difficult to communicate to each other.

Boyfriend on His Laptop

Daniel likes to get on his laptop a lot so he can get onto Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. He likes to be able to see what his family and friends are up to and if they have put any funny statuses up.

Brother texting

Connor really likes to text. His phone goes off almost every minute. He just really likes to talk to people and it is a lot easier for him to get in touch with someone texting because it is probably the easiest way to communicate to other people without having to travel long distances to see them.

Technology in Our Lives

Technology has entered almost everyone's lives. Technology is all around us and it is hard to not be around it. You always hear about the Iphones that are coming out and the new laptops that said to be amazing. People keep pushing technology on others and it becomes addicting. You know that you actually don't have to talk to someone face to face so it is easier to talk to other people because you don't know what their expressions will be. You also don't have to get up off the couch to talk to someone. It's as easy as just one click.