Toronto is BAE!

Different Land Uses in Toronto

Urban Land uses

In order for an urban area to work properly, the municipal government divided the land into into 6 types of land uses. The types of land uses are Open Space, Institutional. Transportation, Industrial, Commercial, and Residential. I saw all these land uses when I went to Toronto, and as a result, today Toronto is functioning smoothly.


I learned a very cool thing in Toronto. In Toronto at major intersections all traffic stops and all of the pedestrians walk in any directions they want. This is done so everything is done faster since Toronto has a high density. This is also an example of transportation land-use.
Commercial Land-Use

Commercial Video

The video I took was in Eaton Center. It's based on commercial land-use. Commercial land-use is land used for shopping malls, convenient stores, grocery stores, basically places where you can purchase goods. Eaton Center is Low,Medium, and High order goods, because it ranges from designer clothes to book stores.


Therefore Toronto is a very busy city with all 6 land uses that lets this city function fast and smoothly.