Gay Rights and Marriage

By: Alyssa Binns


  • Homophile Group- the group's that fought for gay rights
  • Homosexual- A person attracted to the same gender

Background Information

  • Most countries didn't/don't allow homosexual activity
  • They were very discriminated
  • Homosexual people were first noticed in the 1900's, mostly in Urban areas
  • Many people acted for gay rights in groups called Homophile groups
  • Many homosexual people became more open during after the 1960's

Homosexual Expression

Many homosexual people were very hidden about their preferences due to that they could be killed for there feelings

Other's expressed themselves and became open about their preferences

Stonewall Uprising

Saturday, June 28th 1969 at 12am to Thursday, July 3rd 1969 at 12am

53 Christopher Street

New York, NY

This event was a major development in the gay rights movement. The event started with a police raid on the gay bar, also with this bar patrons were arrested and some resisted. Also the stonewall inn was set on fire.This caused riots that quickly grew in numbers that lasted on and off for days.
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Effects of the Protests

Due to the protests held many people

started to realize the problem and

started to join the cause

Others just increased the problem

Many of them discriminated even more by

causing fights ganging up on them,

even becoming deadly

Paradise Fears - Same Love

Belif's through songs

Court Cases

  1. Supreme Court Case (1986)- Bowers VS Hardwick- states were allowed to ban gay acts
  2. Supreme court case (1996)- Romer VS Evans- states can’t ban laws that protect homosexuals
  3. Supreme Court Case (2003)- Lawrence VS Texas- states banning gay acts was unconstitutional
  4. Supreme Court- That same sex couples have the same benefits as the opposite couple’s

Belief Systems

People for Gay rights/Marriages started these protests to get across there demands feelings, and opinions.

Many people In the protest's demonstrated there beliefs by:
  • Signs
  • Flags
  • Songs
  • Marches
  • Body paint
  • Banners

These people really want to get across their

point and will do almost anything for their cause