Look'n Chilly Jimmy.

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"The Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon exits the water during the Chicago Polar Plunge.

Jimmy Fallon recently had took the Polar Plunge to raise money for Special Olympics Chicago. Recently, "The Tonight Show" had made a promise the Mayor of Chicago to do the Polar Plunge in exchange for Rahm Emanuel to have an appearance on the show. Once he went in, he screamed and fled out of the lake with a shocked reaction on his face.

Polar Plunge

Sunday, March 2nd, 5am


What is the Polar Plunge?

The Polar Plunge is an event on February 8. This years Polar Plunge was held on the banks of Lake Michigan in Chicago. This event raises money for Special Olympics all over the country. There is a Polar Plunge in almost every state so find one close to you to raise money for your local Special Olympics program.