Raising Awareness!

For us all

I can only ask

This year, I'm doing things a bit differently.

I'm still actively involved in my efforts to support those in this Breast Cancer fight, I'm doing thing differently.

Yes, I need your support and hope that you'd be willing to do what you can.

All I can do is ask you to help.

I know how easy it is to caught up in the color.

We all know that there are real stories of the lives of those impacted, beyond the PINK.

All I can do is ask that you don't allow the color to be a distraction to the real issue.

You know a real story of a real person, let that guide your heart with the compassion to gift what you can.

Doing what I can

This year I'm not walking for supporting those that are walking.

I'm giving of myself what I can't give with my feet. So although my knees said no, my heart says yes. I can't walk 60 miles, but I will be walking, helping and caring for those that are putting in their 60 Miles.

By clicking the link above, you're helping thousands of women that are on this journey. I'm not asking for you to bust your budget, give what you can. This year I am asking individuals to donate $5. I chose this amount in the hopes that more people can donate.

I want you to be one.

The Journey

There are far too many women in all walks of life that are being diagnosed. We have the ability to make a change, a difference and an impact.

A small piece of compassion can be a big part of another's life.