Kineret Summer Camp

Come and enjoy in the Israel summer camp!

The Kineret summer camp is for people from all over the world!

Who can come? This camp is for people who want to come to Israel and enjoy the actions, ages: 8-89.

When? In the summer vacation, July 10-18, August 5-13.

Where: The camp is in the Kineret, and the transportation goes from Tel Aviv central station to the Kineret.

What are you going to do there?

You are going to take a kayak in the Kineret.

You are going to do a campfire event, make food, barbecue.......

You are going to ride horses.

You are going to do shopping.

You are going to visit Jerusalem.

And other surprises wait for you in the camp! :)

Price: 4000 shekels, but you need more money for the shopping, food for lunch and other things.

Come and I promise you won't regret it !!!