Life Game In Integers

life is transformed into an integers game !come try it out !


these are the rules to our integers life game!!!!


1. you will pick your car and a male or female character .

2. you will have 3 sets of cards to pick from- home , job , and wealth prosper & sue someone

3.After you spin the wheel you will have a number sentence problem with it and if you get it right you get to go but if you don't you can't go .

4. the college path gives you more choices and you can redo your cards. the career you just go to pay day and don't get very many advantages.

5. there will be many things you can do and it all depends on what ypou land on.

6. when you reach halfway you can pick out of two paths-easy or hard-to advance you must pass your questions-if your on the hard path you get more money on payday but you have to answer the question correctly. the end the person with the most money wins the game.