Fulton Science Academy

WEEK OF October 12 2015

Dear FSA Students, Faculty and Parents,

I would like to begin this newsletter by congratulating our wonderful Math Olympiad Team for the great results this weekend. Knowing that four of the five students we had in our team were actually 7th graders makes this achievement at the junior varsity level even more special. Congratulations and way to go!

FSAPS Math Team Won 2nd Place in 2015 North Fulton Math Tournament - Junior Varsity Division

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FSAPS Middle School Math Team did a spectacular job on Saturday, October 10th during the North Fulton Math Tournament at Alpharetta High School in the junior varsity division! Over 200 students participated at this competition at junior varsity and varsity levels. Our team competed at junior varsity level against middle and high school students and received 2nd place as a team.

As a young 7th grader, Holden Watson received 2nd place individually among all junior varsity participants! Isn’t that amazing?

FSAPS Team @ North Fulton Math Tournament

· Holden Watson

· Charlie Furniss

· Vishaal Ram

· Tyler Hecht

· Arul Selvakumar


October 14 First Quarter Report Cards

October 15 Art Barn Field Trip for Pre-K and Kindergarten

October 16-18- Cumming Greek Festival

October 21- Picture Re-Take Day

October 23-24 Middle School Science Olympiad Lock In 4:30 pm-12:00 noon

October 26-30 Red Ribbon Week

October 28- Middle School Alliance Theater Field Trip

October 30 Hillcrest Orchards Field Trip 1-3 grade

November 23-27 Thanksgiving Break

December 1-4 Map Testing K-8

December 6 - 4th Annual Statewide Math Geniuses Competition Hosted by Fulton Science Academy

December 13 Open House for Prospective Families

December 18 Last day of 1st Semester

Roswell Youth Day Parade was LOTS oF Fun!

What a diverse school we have become over the years. Our families and students are talented in very many different and creative ways. Please see some pictures of our school's presence in Roswell Youth Parade this past Saturday. This picture definitely deserves a good place in this year's yearbook. Very creative! We are very proud of our geniuses and their many talents!
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Principal Sener's note: We have decided not to place some of the close angle pictures to newsletter as they might be a bit scary for little ones. Please visit our school's Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/FultonScienceAcademyPrivateSchool for more pictures. :)

Character Education Trait for October is Kindness

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"Kindness" - I will treat people kindly, respectfully and fairly; even if our opinions are different


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Newly Elected Student Council holds it's first meeting

We had our first student council meeting on Wednesday, October 7th. Each of the homeroom representatives attended. During our meeting we voted on Student Council Officers.

The Student Council President is Nicole Shariati

The Vice President is Ameya Rekapalli.

The Secretary is Sophie Richardson.

The Treasurer is Radeen Dixon.

The Public Relations Director is Akash Bhatt.

Congratulations to you all!

On behalf of the entire Student Council we are excited about representing the student body and doing what we can to improve our school life.

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CMP in Ms. Shadburn's Class

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The fifth grade students in Character Education are discussing empathy and listening skills. We have discussed different ways someone can show empathy towards others in multiple situations including a classmate who may be acting out because of something happening outside of school, a parent using negative emotions in the household because of work, or a friend who has failed their test and is yelling at others.

We have discussed how to show empathy by looking at the underlying factors of their emotions. We have also discussed how to help them to feel better when someone is not feeling great.

Our other topic has been listening skills. We played a listening game where each student had to come up with something, while the next person has to repeat what the previous person said, come up with something new, and so on. As the boys discuss the life skills, I am noticing how they have improved in class with finding empathy for their classmates and listening as others speak.

Bricks and Flags

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Dear FSA Families,

Having your name and message etched onto a brick is the perfect way to be remembered at FSA forever. Add your name to become an integral part of our school site.

Brick donations can be purchased any time for $300-$500 depending on location. Your brick purchase will support a general fund to help pay for gym bleachers.

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Buy a Commemorative brick and help improve our new school!

The Parent Volunteer Organization and Student Council of Fulton Science Academy Private School invite you to become a permanent part of our new campus by purchasing a commemorative brick for the front entrance. Brick purchases make a great way for you to support our school while celebrating our students for years to come.

Engrave your brick with your family name, a student name or even a favorite quote.

Engraved bricks make a wonderful way for grandparents and relatives to contribute to the school as well.

Leave a lasting legacy while making a tax deductible donation to Fulton Science Academy Private School! FSAPS is a 501(c)(3) organization, so your contribution may be tax-deductible. FSAPS administration has the final right to approve names/messages on bricks. All proceeds benefit FSAPS students, staff, and school.

There are three donation amounts for brick purchases. All bricks are 4x8 and can include three lines of text up to 18 characters per line.

This is a great opportunity to leave a mark at your school. If you wish to participate, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

Flags from around the world can be hung representing our students/families countries of origin for $75. See our display in the cafeteria.

Good Conduct Dress Down Day

A group of Ms. Selstad's girls enjoying wearing pretty dresses on a non uniform day.

Good Conduct Dress Down Day is earned by students for exemplary behavior and is enjoyed the 2nd Friday of most months:)

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Pre-K and Kindergarten Grade Art Barn Field Trip

FSAPS Pre-K and Kindergarten students will be heading to see Farmer Sue and her fabulous Art Barn on Thursday, October 15th. All the kids will go on a hayride, go on a Pumpkin Run to catch a pumpkin, have a picnic lunch, and create a painting in the Art Barn! However, the BEST part about visiting the Art Barn is learning about and interacting with all of the rescued animals on the farm. From baby chicks to donkeys, this farm has friendly animals in all shapes and sizes! Check out the Art Barn’s website at http://www.theartbarn.com

Information and permission forms will home this Thursday to all Pre-K and Kindergarten families. The permission form and $20 payment to go on this trip will be due to your homeroom teacher by Monday, October 12th. Questions or desire to be a chaperone? Please contact Ms. Ashley Fichter at afichter@fultonscienceacademy.org

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1st, 2nd, and 3rd Grade Hillcrest Orchards Field trip

1st, 2nd, and 3rd Graders will be headed to Hillcrest Orchards for a fun field trip on Friday, October 30th!

On our field trip we will be…

· Riding through the apple orchards in a covered wagon

· Visiting their pond filled with fish

· Riding through their enchanted woods in a covered wagon

· Visiting a nature trail

· Visiting an apple and honey bee museum

· Visiting a petting farm

· Watching and learning how to milk a cow

· Holding a baby chick


· Enjoying some fresh apples and apple cider

Information and permission forms will be sent home this Friday to all 1st-3rd grade families. Permission form AND $20.00 payment for the trip is due to your child’s homeroom teacher by Thursday, October 22nd. Questions or desire to be a chaperone? Please contact Ms. Corinne Przedpelski at (cprzedpelski@fultonscienceacademy.org)

Homevisits- a great way to get to know your teachers better!

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FSAPS Social Studies Fair Begins!

Fulton Science Academy has been very successful at all levels of the Social Studies Fair, with students taking first place in the state competition three times. Our goal is to once again send students with the best projects to compete at the local, regional, and, with hard work, state level. We hope to continue our run of success as we embark on a new year and explore new topics.

All middle school students are required to participate and will receive information from their social studies teachers about the fair this week. Students should begin thinking about their topics in order to receive approval and having the contract signed.

This year we are excited to be able to once again extend the project due date a bit so that it does not coincide quite as much as the Science Far. There will be checkpoints this semester, but the final paper and visuals will be due at the beginning of next semester rather than before the holiday break. It is our hope that this removes some of the burden and allows students to achieve their full potential on both projects.

A complete social studies fair packet can be found under your child’s social studies class section on FSA Connect.

Please email your child’s social studies teacher for more information about this or any other questions.

Important due dates to note:

10/06/15 - topics due

10/13/15 - contract due

11/02/15 - sources found

12/08/15 - research complete

01/06/16 - paper due

01/12/16 - visual due

01/20/16 - school fair


Dear FSA Families,

We would like to inform you about State Tax Credit Scholarship Program.

First of all, to get a quick overview of the program, please watch the video below.

Apogee Tax Credit

The Education Expense Tax Credit program provides an opportunity for taxpayers to redirect Georgia tax dollars to provide financial aid assistance to FSA students.

How can this tax credit benefit both Fulton Science Academy Private School and myself?
Under this law, you can redirect a portion of your Georgia income tax amount to provide financial aid assistance to FSA students based on need. You will receive a tax credit on your state income taxes and a charitable deduction on your federal incomes taxes for the amount of your contribution. For married couples filing jointly, the maximum tax credit-eligible contribution is $2,500 ($1,000 as an individual).

Here’s how it works:

  • Georgia taxpayers can make a contribution within statutory limits to a state approved student scholarship organization (SSO). FSAPS partners with Apogee Scholarship Fund.
  • The state of Georgia will then issue you an income tax credit in the full amount of your contribution.
  • The SSO qualifies as a charity for federal income tax purposes. Therefore, contributions made through this program generate a charitable deduction for taxpayers who itemize their returns.

The amount you may contribute depends upon your tax filing status:

  • Single individual or head of household – any amount up to $1,000
  • Married couple filing a joint return – any amount up to $2,500
  • Married couple filing a separate return – any amount up to $1,250
  • S corporation shareholder, LLC member, or partnership partner – any amount up to $10,000
  • C corporation or Trust – any amount up to 75% of annual Georgia income tax liability
  • AMT filers, GA state tax liability is not deductible on the federal return. Therefore, redirected taxes are converted into charitable contribution on the federal tax return.
    • For example, an AMT filer who redirects $2,500 through the program, receives $700 (28%) in additional tax benefit on their federal return and reduces state tax liability by $2,500 on GA state return.
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Why give now:

The state of Georgia has placed an annual cap on the total amount of tax credits that may be awarded through this program. This limited number of tax credits will be awarded on a first come, first served basis. With the increase in popularity of the program the funds are claimed on the first day of program in January. Once the funds are used up, you will have to wait until next year to participate in the program.

The state anticipates that once again 2016's $58 million in tax credits will be claimed during the first day of the program on January 4th. Payment is due 60 days after Department of Revenue approval is processed beginning January 4. If you apply now, your donation will probably be approved in late January and you will be given 60 days to pay your donation, so you will be paying sometime around March to pay the amount.

How to Participate in the Tax Credit Program

Paperless – It’s fast and easy!

Click HERE to complete the electronic form through the Apogee website.

It is especially GREAT, if businesses support this program because their donation limits are much higher.

Please remember that after submitting your State Tax Credit Scholarship Program Donation, you may also inform your company, and claim matching gift donation for Fulton Science Academy Private School. This matching donation can NOT be used to pay tuition but it is another great way to support our school as donation.

Please pass this information to your friends, colleagues, neighbors, relatives, businesses and so on as well. This is an incredible opportunity to support FSAPS. It benefits you and it benefits your school.

Finally, please be informed that any FSA family attending this program will be given five dress down days for their children and a chance to win a $500 cash prize.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Mrs. James Kindergarten Scientists

Q:What can you make with a paper bucket, saran wrap and water?

A: A giant hand lens!

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Exploring our Environment with Ms. Fichter

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Mrs. Whitock's First Grade Observations

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2nd Graders enjoy STEM Friday!

Happy STEM Friday! Students in Ms. Minor and Ms. Przedpelski's 2nd grade classes enjoyed their fun STEM activity this past Friday. Our 2nd grade scientists worked hard to practice the design process by creating a splint for a broken bone. They used celery as a representation for a broken finger. It was a great way to end our week together! We have some very creative scientists at FSAPS :)
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Math 6 students were using 10x10 foam squares to model percents.
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Math 5/6 students are solving algebra problems with a collaborative "Bowtie" activity.
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A snapshot look at elementary spanish class!

Senora Carmona's Middle School Spanish Classes

Duolingo Student of the month!

“ Yo soy adicto a Duolingo-I am addicted to Duolingo”

These are the words of Tyler when he started learning Spanish on this App. Now he has completed all the lessons and skills this programs provides (believe me they are a lot!). This dedication shows Tyler is a Spanish language enthusiast and a very self-disciplined learner.

Sra. Carmona


Students love having centers in Spanish class. Students go around different Spanish activities that review, and practice their current language skills while having fun learning this beautiful language. This centers can be a mixed of writing, listening, reading, grammar or vocabulary activities.

We love Spanish!

Fitness and Fun Club 1st grade

We have been having a lot of fun during our “Fitness & Fun” Club. The kids have been singing some very silly songs as well as dancing to some funny tunes. Each week we learn a new song or dance. The kids have really been enjoying this fun time. Our favorite dance is "The Sid Shuffle: Ice Age". When we need a little time to cool down from all of our crazy songs, we sometimes do some quiet drawing.

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Interested in joining Destination Imagination?


Monday, October 19th


Meet in the MEDIA CENTER

All D.I. team members and PARENTS, please attend!

Annette Rogers, one the directors for the Georgia D.I. Affiliate, will be here to talk with us. Lots of information and a chance to 'ask the expert' all your D.I. questions!!

Are you interested in D.I., but haven't signed up for it, yet? Join us on the 19th for more information!

Middle school D.I. has space for more team members! Join now! :)

Middle School Debate Club

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Each Monday afternoon, a vibrant group of 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students gather in my classroom, eager to research and discuss another controversial issue. These students diligently attend debate club each week, open to working with new team members despite their age and gender differences; they are each willing to listen to one another’s perspectives in order to construct a solid argument.

Some weeks, students are asked to research both sides of a controversial issue such as immigration reform, the effectiveness of school uniforms, or the behavioral effects of playing violent video games. They come prepared to discuss these topics in a simulated debate format, not knowing which side they will be asked to defend.

Other weeks, students contemplate difficult ethical questions—such as the role of government in healthcare or campaign funding laws. They take a stance and defend their opinions to their peers. What results is a careful, impassioned discussion between young, bright minds.

Students have learned to frame an argument, to use a clear and controlled tone of voice, to respectfully disagree with their opponents, and to identify logical, emotional, and ethical appeals. As we move forward with our training and practice, we hope to meet with other middle-grades debate teams in formal competition.

“I want to compete with other schools.” –Tyler Hecht

“We do fun activities related to debate.” –Ashika Srivastava


Dear Family,

Coming home to you soon is a school sponsored fundraiser called Square 1 Art.

This fundraiser takes your child’s artwork and makes it into great products for you to purchase. These products are wonderful keepsakes and gifts for family and friends. Your child has been busy making beautiful artwork that can be made into many fun products such as magnets, t-shirts, mouse pads, ornaments and much more!

The money raised from this fundraiser will enable the school to continue its efforts in supporting our students. Your help is needed for us to continue offering these opportunities to our school.

Help your child feel like an accomplished artist, while raising funds for your school!

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Year Book Update

To purchase and CUSTOMIZE your yearbook, go to: www.TreeRing.com/validate and enter the FSAPS passcode: 1013541294622699

Even if you do not plan to purchase a yearbook this year, please create an account. You may use the same account every year, and you will be able to share photos online within the FSAPS family (and help contribute pictures to the yearbook!).

If you already have an account, please make sure that it is linked up with this year's yearbook!

We're really excited about this year's Fulton Science Academy Private School yearbook. Why? Because you can add your own photos and memories to your personalized copy. All you have to do is create a free account with TreeRing.

TreeRing is a yearbook publisher that is focused on helping students and parents preserve their memories as much as it's focused on helping schools preserve their history. So, the yearbooks have a more personal touch.

Your book includes two, free pages for you to personalize with your own photos and memories. (The personal pages are totally optional, so if you just want the more traditional yearbook, that's okay, too.)

If you are going to use the personal pages, please have them done by April 4, 2016, so your book includes them.

Fulton Science Academy Private School Yearbook Team

Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week®, the oldest and largest drug prevention campaign in the nation, is your opportunity to get the ongoing conversation started. This year’s theme is

Respect Yourself. Be Drug Free.® We will be having activities during this week to remind, educate, and ecourage our students that being healthy and drug free will help them reach their goals. There will be contests and special clothing days for the kids to enjoy. We will also have the school decked out to show our support and commitment to the Red Ribbon Campaign. We will be celebrating Red Ribbon Week on October 26-30. More information is coming in October.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at skersey22@gmail.com

Shelley Kersey, PVO Secretary


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Private Music Lesson Program

Develop Good Practice Habits

Practicing a musical instrument is important if a student wants to improve (usually, five days per week and 30 minutes each day). The private teacher can show you how. It isn't just the playing of a piece over and over again, but rather a methodical approach to one's practice sessions. In the following weeks, I will share some practice tips so that you too may develop good practice habits.

Practice Tip #1

When a student practices the piece assigned by the instructor and makes a mistake, he or she should never take the hands out of position on the instrument or, lose focus. They must figure out "why and where" the mistake occurred. The student should begin to play the piece as close to the error as possible. Repeat that section over and over until it is cleared up. Once this is achieved, start from the previous section and see if the mistake happens again. If it does, repeat the process.

For more information regarding the Private Music Lesson Program at Fulton Science Academy contact:

Melinda Hubbell mhubbell@fultonscienceacademy.org.

(770) 402-2907

WT Cafe

WTCafe is proud to be the Fulton Science Academy lunch provider!

Wholesome Tummies is a locally owned franchise, providing only the highest quality, freshest lunches.

Our foods are all - natural and never contain any high fructose corn syrup, unnatural trans fats, artificial colors, flavors or added nitrates. The menu is also 100% "nut-free" with offering of gluten-free and vegetarian items.

You can order your all-natural entrees directly from our website at www.WTCAFE.com. Order 36 hours before the meal to get all of the menu options or as late as 8am the same morning for a vegetarian pasta! Entrees are pre-ordered and delivered to school daily in time for lunch. Students can choose 2 sides on site from a variety of fresh, in-season fruits, salads and veggies and a selection of healthy, all-natural snacks.

A Reminder from the clinic

Please do not send your child back to school within a 24 hour period following a fever.

If a student has been absent from school sick they should not come back the same day for clubs or music lessons.

Lost and Found is in the cafeteria

Please make sure to put names on jackets and lunchboxes:)


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Please check this website for detailed information and registration to FSA Band and Orchestra Program:


Since we have after school clubs till 4:20pm, the band and orchestra will start at 4:30pm to avoid possible conflicts with academic teams and club studies. Please check actual days and times on the website - http://www.dolceensemble.com


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We have created a Remind account to keep our community informed and up-to-date with what is happening at our school.

By joining FSAPS remind, you will be receiving messages via push notifications, SMS, or e-mail. We recommend SMS option for our families and students.

We will use this tool as an addition to other communication tools we use at our school.

If interested, please click here to follow the instructions.

Fulton Science Academy Private School

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