By Jemma,Sam,Logan,Brodie, and Georgia

Intorductiry Right

The Introductory rite is the start of mass, This is where the community become together and respect the people around them as well as the people of the land, past and present. Some things that signify this is dipping your fingers into the holy water at the doors of the church. This is to remind you of your baptism as well as showing your respect to the church and the others that belong to the church this is also meant to bring you to the sense of worship.

They will also kneel on there right leg before sitting down and looking at the crucifix, this is to acknowledge the crucifixion of Christ.

After all are seated, The introduction is started with a hymn this is to welcome the ministers and priest into the church, they will walk up to the alter and kiss it in respect to christ and is sacrifice. This procession is to welcome and bring people to prayer.

Once this has been done the presider will lead the people in the sing of the cross. The greetings follow as the presider acknowledges the presents of god in our community. The conquest of jesus sin and death is then noticed by the people gathered. Mass then begins with a reading,this is the end of the introduction.

Liturgy Of The Word

The liturgy of the word is to share and spread the word of God and to explain his lessons in stories and teachings.

The First Reading: Is usually from the Old Testament, and is usually based on the seasons and time of year.

The Re-sponsorial Psalm: Reflects the themes of readings.

The Second Reading: Is usually from one of the letters in the New Testament. The letters address particular situations and were made to motivate and appreciate God.

Gospel Song

The Gospel Reading: Is the main of the liturgy of the word, showing and explaining that Jesus is present in everyday life.

The Homily: The preaching of Jesus and explaining of Gods Power.

The Creed: Is the understanding of Jesus and is message.

Prayers Of The Faithful: Are prayers for the need of God and church in life and to deepen our faith with God.

The Sings/Symbols of Eucharist

Jesus’ cross the cross that Jesus died on, the bread and wine which are of Jesus’ body and Blood that gave to the disciples (Jesus’ followers) at the last supper.


A ritual are a series of religious actions performed the same at every ceremony and actions is something that you do, in this case during the rituals.

The Sign of the cross, the shaking of hands as a sign of peace, taking the bread and wine which is called communion, Priest blessing people when they come up for communion

Eucharist Concluding Rite

The Eucharist concluding right is said right after the Liturgy of the Eucharist. It is said to basically reflect on what the priest has just said in the liturgy of the eucharist which is where we receive the bread and wine. The concluding rite is the sign that mass is over and that we should all go out and spread the good news. It is the final blessing of the mass which sends us on our way.

Concluding Rites

Priest: The Lord be with you.

People: And with your spirit.

Priest: May almighty God bless you,

the Father, and the Son,

and the Holy Spirit.

Priest: Go forth, the Mass is ended.


Go and announce the Gospel of the Lord.


Go in peace, glorifying the Lord by your life.


Go in peace.

People: Thanks be to God.