Parkhill Primary School

Issue 21, Thursday July 25 2019

Dear Parents/Carers

Week 2 and already there are lots of things happening. The work on the foundation playground is due to start soon and the design for development of our play space is being drawn up so that works should be underway soon too. I am excited to see the results of these works as we progress through the rest of the year.


These are the events that we have done for the last two terms. All events include such things like fundraisers and free dress days to raise money for important causes like Cancer Council and our own school play equipment. The following events raised:

Term 1

Bullying No Way Day raised: $344.40

Freaky Friday raised: $286.60

Term 2
Careers day dress up raised: $273.60

Teacher Time Raffle Raised: $958.00

Total $1862.60

In term 3 the SRC will run events around Aboriginal and Torres Strait Children’s Day and Footy day on the last day of term.

Beau Van Der Zweep and Wesley Pryor (Y6)


Some kids are self-motivated. And other kids are less motivated and need a little push here or a lot of prodding there. If you’re wondering how to motivate your child, you might automatically think of rewarding your child for every step they take in the right direction, and applying negative consequences for steps they take in the wrong direction. In reality, the best approach is to go easy on the rewards and punishments and cultivate their internal motivation—help them to tune into the feelings of accomplishment and the pride they feel for a job well done.

Take a look at these 10 ways to up the motivation:

1. Set Goals.

2. Make a Plan.

3. Celebrate Accomplishments.

4. Make Things Competitive.

5. Encourage Them.

6. Take Interest.

7. Discover Passion.

8. Remain Positive.

9. Peer Pressure.

10. Excite Them.


Our annual swimming program will be running in term 3 through week 3, 4, 5 and 6. Please do complete and return the slip as soon as possible – even if you do not intend on participating. The swimming element of the curriculum is very important and the school's swimming program run through Huntingtower is excellent. It is important to note that a school swimming program is just that. It is not club swimming. The program is intended to cater for the majority of students at their ability. Huntingtower have wonderful facilities that suit the needs of Parkhill.

Please see below the times and dates of your child’s program:

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The carnival will be held on Thursday 5th September.


An invitation to all Parkhill dads - get involved in AFL9’s.

It’s a fun, social, non-contact Monday night competition where you can get to know other dad’s in the community.

We’d love to see as many new faces as possible - Please contact Rif 0414 533 335

Please do check out the calendar dates below for the terms events.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Elaine Brady


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Calendar of Curriculum Events

Friday 26 July - 2/3M Melbourne Museum Excursion

Tuesday 30 July - Y4 - 6 Swimming begins

Wednesday 31 July - 2/3L Melbourne Museum Excursion

Monday 5 August - F- Y3 Swimming begins & Y4 Convicts and Captains Incursion

Thursday 15 August - Story Time

Monday 19th August - Book Week starts

Tuesday 20 August - March of the Fire Ants Incursion

Thursday 22 August - Learning Celebration (more details to follow)

Friday 23 August - Book Parade

Tuesday 27 August - Evening Soiree & Parent Teacher Interviews ( more details to follow)

Wednesday 28 August - Parent Teacher Interviews

Thursday 5 September - Swimming Carnival (please note change of date)

Friday 6 September - Division Athletics ( selected students)

Monday 9 September - Science Week

Thursday 12 September - Story Time

Friday 20 September - Footy Day, Term 3 ends 2.30pm

Student of the week

F/1C - Rayan S

F/1S - Amara V

F/1T - Jessica Z

2/3G - Max G

2/3L - Kooper V & Zaid S

2/3M - Rafeal J

4D - Stephaine S

4O - Cody S

5/6A - Wesley P

5/6CS - Caleb T

5/6H - Odessa B


These first 2 weeks 4D has been learning in Steam what sinks and floats. Last time we gathered questions from our classes. Mr Davies chose 6 question from 4D. This week in Steam we used the 6 questions we had to choose 1.

We will explain what we did the first time. We went to the garden and found some things like sticks rocks leaves we even found a full container. This section we were like scientist we made a hypothesis about what we thought of the question and about why we were experimenting on that question. Then we wrote down the variables and what material we would use. We also had to write the method. Then we shared with other groups.

By Sasha P and Hamish L

We want our parents to tell us what they think!

Our school is conducting a survey to find out what parents think of our school. The Parent Opinion Survey is an annual survey offered by the Department of Education and Training that is conducted amongst a sample of randomly selected parents. It is designed to assist schools in gaining an understanding of parents’ perceptions of school climate, student behaviour and student engagement. Our school will use the survey results to help inform and direct future school planning and improvement strategies.

Approximately 30 per cent of parents will be invited to participate in this year’s survey. All responses to the survey are anonymous. This year the Parent Opinion Survey will be conducted from Monday 22rd July to Sunday 11th August.

The survey will be conducted online, only takes 10-15 minutes to complete, and can be accessed at any convenient time within the fieldwork period on desktop computers, laptops, tablets or smartphones. The online survey will be available in a range of languages other than English. These include: Arabic, Vietnamese, Mandarin, Chin (hakha), Hindi, Japanese, Somali, Turkish, Punjabi and Greek.

Please speak to your child’s teacher if you would like more information.


Michelle Smith

Assistant Principal | Parkhill Primary School | 9807 2239

PFA News 25th July 2019

Committee Members

Office Bearers:

President: Vanessa Cowley

Vice President: George Andrakakos

Treasurer: Sumi Sundram

Secretary: Nadine Phillips

Committee Members:

Shadow Treasurer: Fiona Crellin

Communications: Eva Conley

General Members:

Jason Van Lint, Elle Delmee, Mark Havas, Lisa Jacobson, Wendy Douglas, Janneke Storteboom, Leanne Knight, Kylie Touloupis, Donna Edwards, Katrina Battle

If you would like to be on our email distribution list and receive communication and minutes from our meetings please email

BUNNINGS BBQ - Volunteers required for the lunchtime shifts - Sunday 28th July

Parkhill is taking over the BBQ at the Notting Hill store on Sunday 28th July. We are calling for a few more volunteers to help out around the busy lunchtime shifts. Please sign-up via

CUPCAKE STALL - So many sprinkles, so little time to eat them!

Thank you to all the kids and parents who bought one or more of the cupcakes on Wednesday. It was a mad rush but the kids were great and always polite. An even bigger thank you to our amazing bakers - Amy, Julie M, Kylie B, Kylie T, Leanne K, Luke, Nadine, Pia, Steph, Sumi, Vanessa and Wendy. Our next stall is on Wednesday 4th September.

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Remember to say “Parkhill Primary School” before you pay at Bakers Delight Ashburton, Chadstone, Oakleigh and Oakleigh Links to have 5% of the sale go towards our school!

The school's 4-digit code is 5565.

Ritchies Community Benefit Card Program

Ritchies' Community Benefit Card Program donates a percentage of the money spent in store to your

nominated school or charity. The Parkhill Community helped us earn over $400 in 2017.

Here’s how it works!

  1. Ask for your free Ritchies Community Benefit Card at your nearest Ritchies supermarket or liquor store.

  2. Enter the name of the community group that you would like to be the recipient of a donation from Ritchies.

  3. Your Ritchies Community Benefit Card will be issued and can be used, immediately!

Rebel Community Kickbacks Program

Under this program, Parkhill Primary School can earn 5% of your purchases at Rebel Sports as an in-store credit to spend on our school sports programs. You can sign up in store.

Parkhill Primary School currently has $380 credit to spend on sporting equipment at Rebel so as you can see it all adds up!