Women & Children on the Goldfields

By Karina


In 1854 there were 4000 women and 12500 men on theBallarat goldfields .Most of the women that were on goldfields were married.

Most children are born on the goldfields and nearly 12000 children would help their parents dig for gold in Victoria. The life at the goldfield was just like an adventure every single day, when a day passes the people in the goldfields would be happy to survive another day.

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On the goldfields in 1851 health was a big problem for the women. Even children suffered from the darker side of health.

For women on the goldfields health was a challenge because of the weather or disease from the dirty water or measles. Women needed to work for their life on the goldfields and so they need a lot of water but in goldfields the water was a disaster.The water was completely dirty so they couldn't drink it without becoming sick and possibly dying.

Children on the goldfields health was as bad as the women. Some children had to be careful of sickness such as measles and disease. Children need clean water to drink but the water is all muddy.

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Children and Education

In 1851, on the fields education was not too good. As their parents kept moving place to place their children would move schools frequently.

Lots of children's education are very poor, but the parent don't really care they just worry about which goldfields have the most gold to find. The school environment was very bad as well so children's education was so horrible, but some children try to learn more so they can get a nice environment.

Some parents can't help their chlidren learn either as their own education was horrible, but they wish for their children's education to be good.

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Roles and reponsibilities

Women usually stay at home to do their chores or look after their children. A few women came to the goldfield and visited their husbands or helped their husband search for gold, but some men say that women shouldn't even be here. So the women started their a new life. The women start to open shops for the mens and their husband, the women can sell clothes, soap, flour, sugar, and candles.
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