Hedgcoxe Hounds

Monday Memo 12/14 to 12/18

Starting out with the Shout Outs!!

To all of the Hedgcoxe Family...I really do enjoy coming to work and interacting with you all on a daily basis. It is my hope that you all enjoy your families and friends over the holiday and have a great stress free, relaxing time off!! See you in the New Year!~~Christine

Thank you for sending shout outs!

To John and Renee for putting up with all that has gone on with the stage sound system and lighting. Both have been issues, and have required people in the gym and on the stage during PE classes.

To the Specials Team for being so creative in their teaching, and in their ability to share their lives outside of the school day. It makes working with you fun!

To Joel for taking care of all of the ugly things that I call you for all day! I'm not happy about making those calls either.

To Susie and Shelley for making my first semester of teaching amazing! Y'all have been so helpful and I can't imagine a better team and school to be working with! And shoutout to everyone at Hedgcoxe for being so welcoming!

To Ed for always helping students and staff at a moment's notice without complaint.

To Ed for coming to the office and offering to help deliver items AND for always coming and helping when I really need it!

To Karen for taking the time to individually pick each student that gets a book from the birthday club. Your love for children and books shows everyday!

To Margot for leading our parents, students and staff through the PACE referral process with grace and knowledge.

To 1st grade for always taking care of our sweet 1st graders and especially Maddox!

To Shannon for ALWAYS completing her attendance on time!!

How amazing 3rd grade has been for helping me while my mom has been in the hospital. Ami~

To Mrs. Hammons for subbing in 4th grade and being awesome!

To Amy Robbins for contributing to our 4th grade team in so many positive ways!

To Amy Moore for working so hard with LA/Reading plans. You Rock!

To Aretta for her smile every day and hard work to keep 5th grade running smoothly while Faye is taking care of Baby Layla!

A big shout out of admiration for Mrs. Bommarito for her phenomenal skill at teaching math!

To Stephanie for attending team leader meetings in Faye's absence.

Big thanks to all the grade level teacher for all the help getting PACE referrals returned.

To the ALC and ELC teams for helping their students be an integral part of our Hounds community!

To the special education team for being flexible and willing to make whatever changes are needed to support students.

Megean Romero for stepping up and keeping the ALC running during our "transition" and Sandy Prenzi for stepping in and immediately becoming part of the ALC family.

To Myra and her team for feeding the school and for the fun treats she gave the kids this week.

To Nina for ALL of the work she puts into our ESL babies!

To Kim for being a wonderful addition to the Hedgcoxe family.

Big thanks to the office staff for an amazing 12 Days of Christmas/Hannukah.

Attendance Reminder:

Please remember...the official attendance time is 9:00 a.m. TEA has given us a 10 minute window before and after 9:00 a.m. You should be doing your attendance between 8:50 and 9:10. THANK YOU!!

ESL Corner:

Don’t forget to email with any concerns-or NOT- you may be facing with your ESL/Monitored students J

A quick glance at what a Systematic approach entails :


Monday Dec. 14th

On the 8th day of Christmas/Hannukkah to give you more time to shop, free all this week leave at 3:00 o'clock! (as soon as your students have left the building)

Tuesday Dec. 15th

On the 9th day of Christmas/Hanukkah, sunshine wants to treat! Tacos for breakfast is what you will find to eat!

Wednesday Dec. 16th

On the 10th day of Christmas/Hanukkah, it was really hard to choose, but by giving you candy canes; we felt we could not lose!

Holiday Staff Party!

Wednesday, Dec. 16th, 3:30pm

190 East Stacy Road

Allen, TX

Please join us tonight at our annual Holiday Staff Party!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Thursday Dec. 17th

On the 11th day of Christmas/Hanukkah, wear pajamas with a blue or red Santa hat!
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Friday Dec. 18th

11:00 Class Parties

12:00 Early Release for students

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