Physical Therapy

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The benefits outweigh the downfalls of being a physical therapist. Some benefits include being able to work anywhere in the country. You work with all ages and genders, and you can work for many different kinds of businesses. Also, 21.6% become their own boss, so being your own boss is an option as well.

Salary (averages)

Starting- $67,000.00

Median- $81,030.00

Top- $93,820.00

What we do

We help people on a daily basis, and do a lot of paperwork that helps us get to know you and your injury. We hope you enjoy your trips here and that you enjoyed your experience.

Guaranteed to fully recover You

Education Needed

The schooling required to be a physical therapist includes getting a PHD. After getting your Bachelor's degree, you must go into graduate school for 3 years and get your license.

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The location to be a Physical Therapist is pretty much anywhere throughout the country, but the best place to work is the East Coast. These Therapists are among the top 10% in salary earnings. Specifically the Florida and Carolina's region.