By Peter Xiong


Imagine you're walking in the ocean very far and suddenly you see something white going in circles. You think it's a dolphin, but when it comes closer you'll run away after you see that it was a great white shark.

In this article you will learn tons of shark's physical characteristics, some of the food chain, and lot of fun facts. I hope you like this article!

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Physical Characteristics

The Great White Shark has many cool, amazing physical features. It has many teeth and a tail. Sharks have so many teeth that they can bite faster. The top of the body is gray and the bottom of the belly is white.Their height is twenty feet long and their weight is five thousand kilograms. Imagine if you had to carry something that weighs five thousand kilograms! They also have hydrodynamic sounds when swerving and accelerating. This means that when a fish is swimming and they change a direction. Also, a shark makes crunching sounds when they eat. To sum it up, the shark's characteristics make it a dangerous animal to be living in the ocean.

food chain

In this section were going to be learning about my animal food chain. My animal is a meat eater which is called a carnivore because that is the only thing that my animal eat and a predator who hunts and kills animal for food. My animal eats seal, sea lion, sea turtles, humans, and other sharks. Wow! imagine that You had to eat meat everyday. The animal that eats my animal is a killer whale because the shark is one of the toughest animal to be living in the ocean and I never knew that only a killer whale eats my animal? Here comes the greatest food chain ever. First, the sun gives the seaweed energy. Next, the seaweed gets eaten by a cod fish and when the codfish eats the seaweed the seal comes in and eat the codfish. Then, the shark swims over to eat the seal. Finally, the shark dies and the worms comes and eat the shark. The shark maybe the coolest animal but, you will now know that its the dangerous animal on Earth because of its food chain.
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Fun Facts

Here is some additional fun facts about my shark.

They can detect low frequency like struggling preys. They can lose about about 1,000 teeth in lifetime. I wish I had all those teeth to bite things into pieces. The females are bigger than a male shark because they grow faster and bigger. They have a huge sense of smell because they can smell blood any where. If I had a sense of smell I would smell anything in the whole world. My animal can live up to 70 years or more. I can"t believe that! They can live birth 2 to 12 babies at a time. They would stick up their heads to look for food to eat. You know that these interesting facts are really important to the sharks.


Now that you know about sharks what should we do if we see one? Remember to look out for sharks because they are one of the dangerous creatures to be living in sea. Also,we need to protect these dangerous creatures because if we don't they might get extinct which means they won't be in this world. Always stay away from sharks because if do you'll be safe. In addition ,You can write about this animal in your article but, never get a shark as a pet.