Tourism in the Central Region

Most Popular Destinations

Popular Tourist Destinations in the Central Region of the United States:

Prior to completing our research, we thought that the St. Louis Gateway Arch, Mount Rushmore, and the Indy 500 attracted the most visitors each year.

Mall of America

The Mall of America was built in Bloomington, Minnesota 1992. People from all around the world come to the Midwest to visit the Mall of America. It's one of the most visited destinations in the world because of it's the fun things you can do.

Gateway Arch

The gateway arch is 630 feet high. It's our nations tallest man-made monument. It's 63 a high or 7560 inches high. It was 43,000 tons and it's free to the public. Construction began in 1963 and finished on October 28, 1965. The arch sank 60 feet into the ground. Every year 1 million visitors take a ride up to the top. It cost 13 million dollars to build and it opened in 1967.

Willis Tower

The Willis tower was the tallest building in the world , even taller than the World Trade Center. It would be the tallest building until the twin towers in Kuala, Cumpur in Malaysia

were built. The Willis tower has been in the Chicago skyline for decades. Construction began in 1970, ended in 1973, and opened in 1974.

Ohio River

The Ohio River is a very famous tourist attraction. It is 981 miles long, over 25 million. Almost 10 percent of Americas population live in the Ohio river.


We thought that the St. Louis gateway Arch, Mount Rushmore and the Indy 500 where the most popular attractions in the central region. But we were partially wrong because we found out that the Mall of America, St.Louis gateway Arch, Willis tower, and the Ohio River are the most popular attractions in the central region.