Mockingjay by: Suzanne Collins

Madison Alvarez period 3-5

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The theme of Mockingjay is hope because hope is all the rebellion asks for. Also, Prim is Katniss's spirit or hope to keep her going when she feels like there's nothing left. This theme was easy to understand because in the book previously president snow said " shes become a beacon of hope for the rebellion." Hope was all they had.



Panem is where the United States stands today. Its supposely dated 1oo years from now, around the late 2000's. Therefore, its futuristic. Panem has districts underground and scattered in what's now North America.

Symbolism: the Hanging Tree song represented Katniss's father who died. It also represents freedom and rebellion.

The Hanging Tree - MUSIC VIDEO - [The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Pt.1 Score (James Newton Howard)]

Book Review

This book was a great novel because it was adventurous and thrilling. Suzanne Collins has given a much more powerful book than Twilight or harry Potter. Katniss's life can be relatable in somewhat of a way. She has a damaged life and throughout the book she keeps getting stronger. The book has a great balance between relieving and disastrous. Overall, i would recommend this book to anyone who's up for a venture.