Road to revolution

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King George III

King George III was the king of England and was born in 1738. He was part of the Proclamation of 1763. The proclamation is where King George III put a boundary at the Appalachian Mountains and that made it so nobody could settle past that point. Settlers there got mad. George III's government was not very stable and was in big debt. To regain his money, he issued a lot of campaigns and taxes. Such as the sugar act.

Boston Massacre

The Boston Massacre started in March 5th, 1770, when the towns people started throwing stones and snowballs at the British soldiers. It caused the soldiers to shoot at the people, and they killed some colonists (around 6), killed a lot of normal towns people, and injured some others. It was a really bad day for both the townspeople, and the soldiers.

Militia and Minutemen

These group of soldiers are men who fight for the people in need. Militia are people who fight for England with great force. Minutemen are specialized people who have greater training in combat, and can be ready in a minutes notice. Minutemen where the first to fight in the revolutionary war.