GaVS Am-Lit, Brit-Lit, and Speech!

The Home Stretch!

GaVS Am-Lit, Brit-Lit, and Speech Students and Parents!

We are almost there! Almost done! Finals/EOCTs are soon and then GaVS courses will be done for the semester! Please see the information below on end-of-the-semester procedures and save it to refer back to in the days to come. Please read through to the end to find an Extra Learning Opportunity!
Europe - The Final Countdown (Official Video)
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Should I take the Final or EOC assessment???

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American Lit AB:

Georgia Milestones End of Course (EOC) assessments (formerly known as End of Course Tests or EOCTs) are required by the state of Georgia for this course. Public school students enrolled in and/or receiving credit for this course are required to take the Georgia Milestone assessment upon completion of the course. The results of the EOC assessments will serve as the final exam, contributing to your final course grade. It is the student’s and parent’s responsibility to contact the school or district for testing arrangements.

Note: Private and home schooled students enrolled in this course will complete the final exam at the end of the semester. (these students do not need to take the EOC)

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How To Write A Killer Thesis Statement by Shmoop

A Note on Plagiarism

  • Many students can be tempted to engage in academic dishonesty to take a short cut on an assignment, especially near the end of the semester when stress can be high.

    Academic Dishonesty as defined by the Student Handbook:

    Plagiarism is representing another person's ideas, words, expressions, or data in writing or presentation without properly acknowledging the source.

    Performing work or taking an examination for another student.

    Working on a lab report with one or more students, sharing documents related to a lab report, or submitting the same lab report which was submitted by another student you worked with to perform the lab experiments in your school or home. NOTE: While it is acceptable for students to work together in small groups while performing lab experiments and collecting data, the final lab report that is submitted for graded credit should be each student’s independent work.

    Submitting your own work from another course or previous semester and presenting it as work that was completed for the current course.

    Academic Dishonesty could result in:

    Loss of Grade Points

    Disciplinary action via local school in accordance with local school or district policy

    Removal from the course

    Failure to receive credit for the course

    Loss of eligibility to take future GaVS courses

    It's not worth the Shortcut!

Plagiarism by Shmoop
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Extra Learning Opportunity!

1 condition on ELOs! All scheduled work must be completed before you complete this ELO!

If you are to take the AM Lit EOCT:

1) Attend the Semester Wrap-up class or watch the recording

2) Pay attention for the name of the TV show my sons are watching in the background :-D
3) Complete a Full-Length EOCT Practice exam (instructions below)
4) Message or email me the name of the show and upload your screen shot to the ELO dropbox.
5) I will replace your lowest test grade with your practice test grade!

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If you need to take the Final Exam:

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