Panama City, Panama

By Zach Compton


La población de Panamá City es 1,501,691 millones.


1 Panamanian Balboa equals

1.00 US Dollar

Famous people

Mariano Rivera was a legendary New York Yankees relief pitcher who was a 13-time MLB All-Star and the 2000 World Series MVP. He set the MLB record for career saves with 652 and is widely regarded as the best closer of all time.


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Panamá está al este de Costa Rica y el noroeste de Columbia


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What the Flag stands for

The flag represents the day that Panama became free from Columbia on November 4th,1925


Traeré los pantolones, los pantolones cortos, los zapatos, la camiseta, los botas, los callientes.


Duración de la visita es 31 de Mayo a 6 de Junio

Una individual $135.00 la moneda

$135 la moneda

$135 dolares


el precio de autobús es de $15 dolares

el precio de coche es de $25 dolares


El tiempo de Panama es mal tiempo todos los días

Attractions to visit

#1- Casco Viejo- $120

A town that was one of the first colonizied

#2- - $100

Old town that the first people in Panama used.


Museum made out of everyday things that turned out to be art

Fun Activities


A tour of the panama canal. Cost- $10


Bike ride through the Amador Causeway. Cost- $5 dollars per-hour


Panamanian cuisine- a mix of African, Spanish, and Native American techniques, dishes, and ingredients, reflecting its diverse population

Ceviche- raw cubes of fish marinated in onions and lemon juice.

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Ossobuco a la milanesa (steak)

Beef steak marinated with 2 ripe tomatoes, beef broth, lemon juice, butter, and onions - $25


I got a Panama soccer jersey for 15$, a Mola for $10, and Diablico Sico Mask for 20$
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Airline tickets!

La fetcha de mis viaje Es el 31st de Mayo al 6th de Julio

Cost: $534

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The total cost of this trip was $1,824