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Message from the Head of School

What's New and Enhanced at Sagemont?

We are excited to add continuous rich and innovative programs at Sagemont. This year is no different and we are thrilled to share with you the enhancement of the technology program on both campuses.

Lower School Campus

Through our Innovation Lab, the students are immersed in hands-on S.T.E.A.M. projects. S.T.E.A.M. combines science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics education to form an engaging student-centered learning environment. Our Innovation Lab allows all students to engage in coding lessons, both “plugged” and “unplugged.” Students learn the fundamentals of algorithms and coding techniques by applying these skills to everyday scenarios.

K-2nd Grade Technology Program

The curriculum begins with a deep dive into the rich vocabulary needed to build a strong foundation of coding skills. Kindergarten through second grade students will begin by learning basic commands through the use of hands-on manipulatives and interactive games. Additionally, our students will begin exploring the world of robotics. Kindergarten through third-grade students will work on building robots using the multiple resources available in the Innovation Lab. We will focus on using Dash and Dot, an interactive robot tailored specifically to our younger students.

3rd-5th Grade Technology Program

Third through fifth grade students will utilize the online program Kodable to strengthen their skills. This is a differentiated program that adjusts to the individual skill levels of the child. Our fourth through fifth grade students will be building and coding VEX IQ robots. The VEX IQ curriculum continues when students transition to the Upper School Campus.

Upper School Campus

The Upper School Campus has been expanding the technology program for several years now, and this year was no exception. Students in middle school have shown tremendous growth over the years and we simply had to upgrade their robotics offerings. This year students in both the middle school robotics class and the after-school robotics club have transitioned to the high school level of the VEX robotics program. Our high school students now work with the more advanced VEX V5 robotics system, which provides experienced users with endless design possibilities.

We understand that our students are capable of designing a world beyond limits, which is why as early as 7th-grade students at Sagemont can explore the world of computer programming, by learning computer languages such as Java and Python in a semester-long elective course. The program for students expands through Advanced Placement Computer Science, the introductory college-level course in this area. Other elements of the technology program at the Upper School Campus include a computer programming course for all 6th-grade students, Web Design with E-Sports, Game Design, Micro-bit, and Arduino.

Collaboration between Campuses

Our Lower School students will have the ability to collaborate with their Upper School counterparts. This collaboration and mentorship is designed to foster an increased depth of knowledge and enthusiasm to continue S.T.E.A.M. studies, culminating in potential honors-weighted internship opportunities in high school.

Sagemont students create, design, build, discover, and collaborate, while developing connections between school, community, and work.

Mellesia Nelson

Sagemont Student Spotlight

Isabella Williams, 2nd Grade

Isabella is a passionate advocate for clean oceans and a shining example of our Sagemont Learning Outcomes. Isabella reached out to 4Ocean, a local Florida business, which sells bracelets and other goods made of recycled materials. For every bracelet sold, the company is dedicated to cleaning up a pound of trash from oceans and coastlines. To help Isabella in her cleanup efforts, 4Ocean sent her special ocean cleanup gloves, a big bag to collect the trash, and a recycled bracelet. Isabella proudly presented to her classmates in Ms. Pinchevski’s class how they could assist in ocean cleanup as well. We are so proud of your commitment to the environment Isabella!
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Jacob Solomon, 12th Grade

Jacob discovered his passion for riding ATVs and bikes at a very young age. What started as a fun family hobby, soon transitioned into a commitment to the sport that has taken him on an impressive journey as an amateur rider. Each year Jacob competes in the Daytona Speedway at the Monster Energy Supercross, which has put him on the stage for a great deal of recognition. Recently, Jacob was invited to be a part of the new Kawasaki Amateur Race Team. If this were not enough, this past weekend Jacob placed 3rd in two races in the Kenny Yoho’s Florida I4MX Series. Jacob is an amazing and talented rider and this has happened through hard work and practice. Twice a week, Jacob drives two hours to Punta Gorda to train on a track and when he is not on the course he is strength training. Jacob has been a member of the Sagemont family since 2nd grade and we are proud of his accomplishments. Jacob’s love and dedication to the sport is inspiring.

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