New and old technology

Misato Matsuo

whats technology

A technology is

Engineering applicable methodology for the practical purpose of scientific knowledge in each individual area .

and They use of the human race of the technology , began to be a simple tool for those in the natural world.

Also Technology over is what should not be without the help or save and a human life.

10years ago

Trend , which has become a hot topic at the time , 2004

  • Bluetooth
  • iPod & Mp 3 player

Those that did not exist 10 years ago

  • Facebook (2005 year general release )
  • YouTube ( release 2005 )
  • Twitter ( release 2006 )
  • Google Map ( release 2006 )
  • iPhone ( 2007 release )

10years after

In 10 years after the world it seems to come out also a lot of problems . But it makes it easier to live the future due to the development of such technology will no doubt .

The computer will be preside over a lot of work this is significantly changing the idea of ​​our work

and in my country Japans most famous technology is Shinkansen it started to connect Osaka from Tokyo in 1974.Speeding along a maximum of 270 km/h, the trains travel the 560 km 2 hours 30 minutes. and its world's first high-speed rail . But it is also expected to evolve in the future.

【90秒】長野新幹線新型車両 E7系 デビューCM