Quest 4 & 5

Synthesis & Test

It's not about plugging into devices - it's about being plugged into each other

Monday Movement Game

5 minute warm up based on your Danielson Rock, Paper, Scissors - best out of 3 please discuss:

  • If you tie all 3 rounds: How does the Danielson Framework impact you as a future educator?
  • If one person wins 2/3 How does the Danielson Framework relate to what you have learned about in other education courses?
  • If one person wins all 3 rounds How does the framework relate to growth mindset, ISTE NETS, or the SAMR model?

Quest 4 Synthesis & Test: Google activity in guilds

10 minutes

  • Get into guilds
  • Exchange names and "Google" one person (each of you should be googling a different person in your guild)
  • What can you infer from your partner's online presence?
  • Discuss findings
  • What can you do to improve your professional, digital presence?
  • Why is it important?

Key takeaway

  • You need to harness what is online about you!
  • Make the professional public and personal private!

Quest 5 Synthesis: Discuss PLN & twitter for professional use

Big image

Guilds 8 am

Hannah Sansom: Technically the best, True Grit

Hannah Wright: Breakfast club, Unanimous Dinosaurs

Mollie: Tech Support

Guilds 9 am

Katy: Bomb Squad, Las Maestras

Mollie: Mathletes, Teaching ninjas

Natalie: Silent Assassins, Technolonijas

Sarah: Wordsworth

Virtual co-op reveal!

Each of you have been paired with a virtual cooperating teacher. You will work with this teacher to create digital artifacts.

Why? - Meaningful and authentic space for technology projects, not busy work. You are creating something for a teacher to use in their classroom and maybe for your future classroom!

Email your virtual co-op

  • Follow your virtual c o-op on Twitter
  • Introduce yourself
  • Share a bit about you
  • Set up a time/date to skype or google hangout with him/her to introduce yourself and get to know their class and needs. You must talk to your co-op by the beginning of class on Monday, Feb 1.
  • CC Dr. Fecich on this email please

Exit Ticket

Tweet out 1 take away from class using our class #educ204toi