King George V

by Matthew M

In 1910, there was a new king in Great Britain: King George V.

King George V (the fifth) of Great Britain was born on June 3rd, 1865, the unpromising second son of Edward the VII. At first, he planned on having a career in the navy, but his brother passed away, and so he was next in line for the throne. He became king in 1910 and played an active role supporting troops during WWI.

What was his role during the war?

Since he was the king he had to deal with a lot of stuff relating to the war and military, like telling the army what to do or to communicate with their allies.

What did he do during the war?

During World War I, King George and his wife visited the western front on several occasions. During these visits, King George was able to communicate with the army faster than communicating over long distances. He also continuously supported troops in WWI.