The Disney Effect

By Trinity Holmes

Disney Pixar

Walt Disney bought Pixar in 2006 for about $7.4 billion. This resulted in Steve Jobs becoming Disney's largest single shareholder at the time. I love Pixar so I think they should be apart this project! I have a picture of Ratatouille just because its my favorite Disney Pixar movie.



  • no piercings even if you aren't a character.
  • no tattoos or body art
  • cant paint nails
  • must stay in character at ALL TIMES
  • you cant wear sunglasses because you have to make visible contact. Prescription glasses should be neutral color

-Ways to interact with guests

  • At magic kingdom the guest took a "trolley" the picture people waved and said hello.
  • if you ask Anna and Elsa if they want to build a snowman they have to sing it.

-Ways to get fired

  • "break the wall" which means breaking character
  • not smiling at guests
  • not using the Disney lingo.


  • hair needs to be neatly combed in an easily maintained style
  • finger nails must not extend beyond the tip of the finger