Hannaford Career Center Newsletter

January 26, 2023

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Hannaford Career Center Open House/Student Showcase - February 2, 2023

Please join us for our open house and student showcase on Thursday, February 2nd, 4:30-7:00 pm.

Everyone is welcome to check out all the wonderful things happening at the career center. There will be student demonstrations and displays of student work. We strongly encourage any students (and their families) considering the career center to stop by. Community and business members who want to learn more about the career center are welcome too. There will be raffle prizes and culinary treats.


Patricia A. Hannaford Career Center students are selected by their instructors as outstanding students for the quarter based on their stellar academic performance and a strong commitment to our center-wide Habits of Work (empathy, respect, safety, collaboration, resilience, work ethic, and responsibility). Congratulations to all of our well-deserving students for quarter two of the 2022-2023 school year.

ART Performance - Asa Baker-Rouse (MUHS)

ART Technical - Max Carpenter (MUHS)

Automotive Technology 101 - Agustus Hill (MAUHS)

Automotive Technology 103 - Nathaniel Gustin (MAUHS)

Construction Technology 1 - Jack Breault (MAUHS)

Construction Technology 2 - Lucas Allen (MAUHS)

Culinary Arts 1 - Helen Kihm (MAUHS)

Design & Illustration - Addison Dunakin (MUHS)

Diesel Power Technology 1 - Devin Brisson (VUHS)

Diesel Power Technology 2 - Evan Oberle (MAUHS)

Engineering & Architecture - Shamus Rooney (VUHS)

Human Services Early Childhood - Emily Cousino (MAUHS)

Human Services Foundation - Aurora Husk (MAUHS)

Industrial Design & Fabrication - Noah Letendre VUHS

Introduction to Agricultural Sciences A - Alexxis Zeno (MUHS)

Introduction to Agricultural Sciences B - Brailey Livingston (MAUHS)

Introduction to STEM A - Tucker Choiniere (MUHS)

Introduction to STEM B - Will Aranguiz-Schroder (Home Study)

Mechanical Science - Paul Tipper (MAUHS)

Mechanical Science - Nick Carpenter (MUHS)

Medical Professions 1 - Emersyn Brookman (MUHS)

Medical Professions 2 - Madison Cram (MUHS)

Natural Resource Management - Forest Science - Jacob Kemp (MUHS)

Sustainable Agriculture AM Level 1 - Morgan Corbett (MUHS)

Sustainable Agriculture AM Level 2 - Vanessa Sunderland (MUHS)

Sustainable Agriculture PM Level 1 - Berkley McDermott (MUHS)

Sustainable Agriculture PM Level 2 - Malachi Sheldrick (OVUHS)

Visual Communications - Timothy Ploegman (Home Study)

Teen Time @ The Makery

Every Thursday School Is In Session - 3:15-5:00 pm

The Teen Makery is an afterschool opportunity for all high school aged students. Currently, three labs are available each week - Woodworking, Sewing, and Magic: The Gathering. Youth can show up to the Career Center any Thursday afternoon at 3:15. The Makery runs each week school is in session through the end of May. It's free to all participants and food is provided.

Each lab is managed by a trained mentor who is an expert in using all the available tools. Students can work on individual projects or team up with other students on a group project. Special classes will be offered including T-Shirt Design, Improv, CNC Router Sign-Making, Basic Cooking, Welding, and CNC Plasma Cutter.

Time: Every Thursday 3:15 - 5:00 pm

Place: Hannaford Career Center, 51 Charles Ave, Middlebury, VT

More Info: To discuss transportation needs, or for further information, please email Nancy Yannett at nyannett@csac-vt.org or call the Career Center at 802-382-1012

Addison Repertory Theatre (ART) Winter Show: An original gothic-style ghost story

Students in the Addison Repertory Theatre (ART) are busy preparing their original work, A Shadow on the Wall, for its debut on Thursday, February 9th. In the play, written by members of the Performance program and designed by students in the Technical Theatre program, newlyweds Nora and William have found the perfect London flat, and his new promotion at work bodes well for their future. Plans to start a family are endangered, however, when noisy neighbors disrupt the harmony in their new home. This original work pays homage to gothic classics such as Gilman's The Yellow Wallpaper and Oliphant's The Portrait.

Performances are Thursday, February 9, Friday, February 10, and Saturday, February 11 at 7:00 PM. The show will also feature a selection of desserts, provided by PAHCC's Glass Onion Cafe (Culinary Arts program), during intermission.

All tickets are $15, and are available at https://addisonrep.ludus.com/index.php

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Construction Technology

Tiny House progress continues with walls and windows in the loft space and sheathing on the roof rafters. Come to the open house on February 2nd to take a tour.

Introduction to STEM

For Sale: Student-Built Adirondack Ski Chairs

Details: Students in the PAHCC Introduction to STEM class built these chairs as they explored carpentry skills/techniques. They are not perfect, but are structurally sound and each is unique. Bases are built with cedar and seats utilize recycled skis.

Please contact Instructor Kyle Trudo at ktrudo@pahcc.org, if you are interested in purchasing a chair. They are $250 per chair.

Sustainable Agriculture

Students have been studying and researching soils, water quality, and nutrient management best practices. As a means of further understanding efforts to protect Addison County water systems and Lake Champlain, students visited Gosliga Farm in Addison and Matthew's Trucking in Cornwall.

At Gosliga Farm, students learned about leachate systems and no-till tools for reducing impact on soils and waterways. The leachate system at Gosliga Farm was completed two years ago. Its role is to capture the runoff created by the compacted forages stored in bunker silos on the farm, and direct it to an engineered storage pit. The collected leachate is spread on fields during permitted times over the course of the growing season.

Father and son duo, Matthew and Eric Severy are partner owners of Matthew's Trucking. Both are alumni of the Patricia A. Hannaford Career Center who work with local farmers to customize spreading of cow manure. Matthew and Eric's business focuses on using state of the art technology including GPS and injection systems delivering manure under the soil. This technique focuses on distributing the manure to the plant root area, which minimizes odor and runoff.

SkillsUSA State Officer Visit

On Wednesday, January 25th the Vermont state officers for SkillsUSA visited PAHCC to share what SkillsUSA is all about and to encourage students to become members of this Career Technical Student Organization. Each year we have a few students that compete in the spring competitions, but we are looking to build our involvement with SkillsUSA by creating a local chapter at PAHCC. This would allow us to have more students participate and be more prepared for competitions. The chapter would host community service and fundraising events allowing students to build leadership and communication skills and positively impact our local communities.

You can view the state officers' slideshow here and the website here for more information.

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Program Advisory Committees

How can community members get involved or support the career center?

State statute requires that each program at the career center have an advisory committee. The committee for each program meets a minimum of twice per school year to review the program and help inform decisions made about the focus and course of study. If you have expertise in one of our program areas and are interested in learning more about how you can help, please contact Jay Stetzel, Assistant Director, at jstetzel@pahcc.org. Thanks.

Career Center Vision & Mission Statements

In the fall of 2019, a team of board members, staff and community members was convened to draft new vision and mission statements, in order to ensure that the Career Center of the Patricia A. Hannaford Regional Technical School District (PAHRTSD) continues to meet the needs of students now and in the future. The new vision and mission reflect the voices of students, staff and community members. We are pleased to be able to share the final outcome with our communities.

Vision Statement

We envision a career and technical center that empowers students to be inquisitive, caring and open-minded citizens of local, national and global communities, who engage as lifelong learners and understand and accept different viewpoints and perspectives.

Mission Statement

We provide students with rigorous, hands-on and classroom instruction, robust community partnerships, and project-based learning opportunities that empower and inspire them to build strong work habits, relevant, innovative technical skills, and a sense of personal responsibility as local, national and global citizens while ensuring equity for all participants.

To learn more about the process, please check out our Vision & Mission Development Summary.

Patricia A. Hannaford Career Center

The Patricia A. Hannaford Career Center ensures equal employment and educational opportunities regardless of race, color, creed, gender, age, handicapping condition/disability, national origin, or sexual orientation, in compliance with federal and state law.