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September 14, 2018

Upcoming Key Dates

September 14: Heritage Festival Parade @ 6:30 PM

September 19: Girl Scout Kick-Off Event @ 6pm French Room

September 26: Picture Day

October 3: Roller Skating Party @ 6pm Skatin' Station

October 5: Dragon Derby

Music Curriculum: It’s Recorder Time! – Grades 4-5

Please see the note and order forms below for each grade..

National Walk and Ride your Bike to School Day is coming!

Winchester is participating in National Walk and Ride your Bike to School Day. This event takes place on Wednesday, October 10. Ms. Haite, Mrs. Counts and Mrs. Lindsay will be outside in the morning to greet students who are walking or riding their bikes. We will pass out a special Winchester Winner to those students who participate. Students will write their name on this special Winchester Winner and turn it into the school office. We will have a drawing and 10 students will early a free play time in the gymnasium during lunch/recess one day! We hope you will join this great celebration of health!

As a reminder, the student handbook requires all students riding their bikes to wear a helmet.

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Physical Education - Fall 2018

Welcome Back! We hope that you have had an active summer full of physical activity! This fall Ms. Haite will be at Winchester every day (my 23nd year in the district) and we are thrilled to have Mr. Dicken and Ms. Lenahan back at Winchester as well!

Please see the attachment to learn more about the physical education class at Winchester.

Nuts About Science

After School Science Registration has started! Lots of fun and engaging science activities for K-5th! Classes are booking quickly for the first session - weekly: Thursday 9/27-11/8

Register here -

Please contact Lesli Winters with any questions: or (248) 890-4933

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NWEA/M-Step Testing Windows

Please be aware of the testing windows for the 2018-2019 school year. We ask that you try to avoid making appointments during these windows. When the testing date is near, look for more definitive information from your child's teacher.


FALL September 17-October 5

WINTER January 9-January 30

SPRING April 22-May 24


5th GRADE April 8-May3

3rd & 4th GRADES April 29-May24

PTA Invest In Your Child

Welcome Back Families!

Our Winchester PTA coordinates student enrichment activities and social events that enhance our students' school life and bring the Winchester community together. We run on the volunteer energy of our parents, and we would love to have you join us. To save some paper, no envelopes will be sent home at this time. Instead, join online and make your donations to Invest in Your Child:

Your donations through the Invest in Your Child Fundraiser provides support to more than 30 programs/events at Winchester.

PTA meetings are held throughout the school year on Wednesdays, either AM or PM, to accommodate the parent community. Our next meeting is: November 7th @ 7:00 pm

To pay your 2018-19 PTA Membership and donate to Invest in Your Child, please visit:

Girl Scout Kick-Off Event

Winchester Girl Scout kick-off event. Please join us, & bring your daughter, if she is interested in girl scouts this year. This event is for girls of any age, including kindergartners, that are interested in knowing more about scouting at Winchester. Wednesday Sept. 19th at 6 pm in the French Room at Winchester. If you are interested but are unable to make this event, please email Laura Paredes at:

Parents At Lunch (PALS)

Please consider spending some time during lunchtime assisting the lunch staff! New this school year, you can sign up just for your child/children’s lunch period if that works better than signing up for the whole lunchtime.

The link is

Help Keep our Students Safe during Drop Off and Pick Up


In order to make the drop off and pick-up of children by car as safe as possible for our students, we ask that you follow these procedures:

Please do not drop your child off before 8:35 a.m. The first bell rings at 8:41 a.m.

Bus – For those eligible, riding a NPS bus is the most convenient and safest transportation option.


Drop Off Procedures:

  • During arrival, please be sure to stay in the right hand lane and pull your vehicle all the way up in the “red zone.”
  • Please do not maneuver between lanes as this creates a safety concern.
  • When all the cars have pulled forward and stopped, please have your child prepared to exit your car with all of their belongings.
  • Try to get your goodbye hugs and kisses in at home.
  • ALL students should be dropped off at the same time. Please do not stop and drop each of your children off at a specific door.
  • Students should be prepared to walk to their designated arrival location using the sidewalk in front of the school.

Please stay in your car at all times in the DROP-OFF ZONE.


Pick Up Procedures:

  • Kindergarten parents are asked to park in the parking lot and walk up to the building to pick up your child from the teacher unless arrangements have been made to pick them up in the pick-up zone.
  • If you are leaving your vehicle you must park in the parking lot.
  • Our dismissal begins promptly at 3:45. In order for you to be in our MOVING carpool line and not in a stagnant line, please arrive no sooner than 3:45.
  • Please stay in the right hand lane and pull all the way up in the “red zone” or Pick-Up Zone.
  • The carpool lane will be released first.

For the Safety of our students, please remember to:

  • Refrain from using your cell phone during Drop off and Pick up
  • Use the cross walk at the main entrance when crossing.
  • Turn left out of the parking lot.
  • Save the handicapped spots for those who need them.

Lunch Menu

Office Hours

Our office is open from 8:00 to 4:30.

Contact us at (248) 465-2400


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