Snowy owls

Find all about snowy owls

Snowy owl Adaptations

Snowy owls have its feather to blend with the surroundings. Snowy owls also its eye vision which helps it detect prey. Snowy owls its claws to tear prey.

Snowy Owl Environment

Snowy owl live in the upper Canada which is a tudra area. This area they live in help them keep warm,find prey,blending in with its surroundings to gets its prey.

Snowy owl Behaviors

Snowy behaviors are unlike any owl they hunt during the daytime.They aggressively defend there nest. They will attack those who disburb there nest.

Snowy owl Prey

Snowy owls are a carnivore they eat meadow voles,deer mice,duck,geese and rats.

Human Harm

Humans can snowy owls which they can do this:



untility lines

gunshot wounds

Human Help

Humans can also help they can do this:

Adopt a snowy owl

send a message to the goverment

speak up for snowy owls

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