President Wanted

Wanted: Man or woman for top government position!

By: Will Frye
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As directed by the Constitution, a presidential candidate must be:

- A natural born citizen of the United States

- A resident for at least 14 years

- At least 35 years of age

Duties, Roles, and Responsibilities

The President of the United States has seven main powers. These powers include Chief Executive, Chief Diplomat, Commander in Chief, Legislative Leader, Party Leader, Economic Leader, and Head of State.

Chief Executive

The president is in charge of the 15 cabinet departments. This power gives the president the ability to use an Executive Order. An Executive Order is a rule or command that has the force of law, but does not have to be approved by Congress. It basically allows the president to pass a law without having to be approved.

Chief Diplomat

The president directs foreign policy. This power gives the president the right to an Executive Agreement, which is an agreement with a foreign leader that is not approved by Congress.

Commander in Chief

The president is in charge of all military. The president cannot declare war, that is up to Congress, but the president is the only person who can send troops into battle.

Legislative Leader

The president has the power to sign bills into law. He can also veto bills. He is in charge of whether a bill dies or becomes a law, because he is the Legislative Leader. He leads the legislative program with the annual State of the Union Address.

Party Leader

The president is viewed as the leader of his political party. He is in charge of selecting the party's National Chairperson.

Economic Leader

The president deals with economic issues, such as unemployment rates, inflation, and high taxes. Every year, the president is in charge of planning the federal government's budget.

Head of State

The president represents the United States. He acts as a living symbol of the US.

Compensation and Benefits


- Since 2001, the president has made $400,000 per year.


- The president gets extra money for any expenses and travel.

- He gets the use of Camp David, which is a country residence for the president. It offers presidents an opportunity for solitude and tranquility, and it is also a great place for the president to host any foreign leaders.

- The president also gets special cars, helicopters, and airplanes to take him places.


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