Tech Cadre Re-Cap

March 6, 2013

What A Great Day!

I AM EXHAUSTED! And I know you are too. Thank you all for a wonderful day, and a special thanks to all of our presenters and students for sharing instructional technology ideas with the group.

All information and links are now posted to our wiki. Michael Graham's book info, CCSS/Google lessons, Google+ how to, and more.

Lost & Found

Somebody left this jacket. Email me and I'll hang onto it or get it to you somehow. I don't know how to rotate the picture or make it smaller :)
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Attend a Summer Technology Conference!

Hot Springs Technology Institute - 20th Year! Opening Keynote: School House Rock!

ISTE (San Antonio) - June 23-26 Opening Keynote: Jane McGonigal

iPadPalooza (why not?) - Austin, TX - June 18 Opening Keynote: Sir Ken Robinson


For all that you do, for participating in the Cadre, and for leading Instructional Technology in your building. I'm always here if you need me. Christy :)