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December 2020

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The December edition of the OMS Scoop includes student artwork, stories, jokes, student interviews, and articles about technology, sports, DIY projects, and more. All of our student contributors are listed below their work, and our editors are listed at the bottom of the paper.

We hope you enjoy our digital school newspaper, the OMS Scoop!

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Comic Corner

Take a look at the comic strips and illustrations below. Click on the link for three comic strips by Gabriel Carr, and check out the illustrations from Stacy Sabi below that.

Technology Review

Cyberpunk 2077, by James Bettencourt

This month Cyberpunk 2077 came out to mixed to good reviews. The PS4 and XBOX ONE versions have been reported to be utterly terrible with frame rates in the 10s and is not even close to the footage shown in the trailers.

The best way to play the game would be on the PS5, The XBOX Series X, or PC. This game also made the “You’re Breathtaking” meme with Keanu Reeves. The game was developed by CD Project Red who made the Witcher game series. The game has been delayed multiple times, but the game is being fixed up which brings up the question: “Why not Delay it Again” Will the answer ever be here?

Nintendo Switch: Among Us, by Davi Srey

Among Us is a murder mystery game that is popular around today. Among Us can be available only on PC and Mobile devices. That all changes today. As of December 15th, the Nintendo Switch devices have Among Us ready to play! Just like the website Steam, today Among Us costs about $5 on the Nintendo switch.

This announcement was one of Nintendo's showcase of innovative games to come through the system, games made by small designers rather than major corps.

OMS Sports Report

Click on the link below for Lucian Rodney's full OMS Sports Report.

D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) Gifts

Customizable Notebook, by Lillian Belmore

Do you need a last minute gift idea for any occasion? Well why not make a customizable notebook for your friend! It is very simple and easy and under budget.

Things you will need will be:

A notebook(does not matter what kind. Use what you got)

Stickers(again does not matter what kind)

And last but not least, A permanent marker(s) (They can be multiple colors too if you have it so it is festive.)


First thing you will need to do is get a notebook, any kind will work. Then put the stickers on the notebook. You can do any design you like. Lastly, take your permanent marker(s) and you can draw more designs if you want.

See how easy and quick that was AND it only takes about 10-15 minutes. I hope you use this idea, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS TOO ALL!!

Mason Jar Snow Globes, by Emma Bukhenik

What you'll need…

  1. Clean jar with lid

  2. Distilled water

  3. Glycerin

  4. Figures/trees (you can use whatever you want)

  5. Tinsel glitter

  6. Epoxy

  7. Sand paper

  • Make sure your jars are cleaned out. Once it is dried, use a lint remover to remove any smudges from inside the jar.

  • Using your sandpaper, scuff up the underside of the lid. This will help the epoxy to hold in the next step.

  • Attach your chosen figures to the inside of the cover of the jar using a dollop of epoxy. Let the epoxy sit and dry until the figures are firmly adhered.

  • Now you are going to fill your jar just short of full with distilled water.

  • Add the tiniest bit of glycerin to your water. Be sure not to add too much, if you do it’s going to make your water thick and chunky.

  • Finally, add glitter to the jar. Add as much as you want depending on how much snow you want. Insert your figurine and screw the lid on firmly and give it a good shake.


Tin Can Lanterns, by Cameron Schumacher

Materials needed:

Tin or aluminum cans


Tea candles real or LED




Match if doing real candles.


This was a fun and easy little craft to do, and you can give it to friends and family!

First, get a can and fill it with cold water, to make it freeze faster add ice to the water. After that is done, put it in the freezer; this could take a couple of hours to freeze. After it is frozen mark the pattern or thing you want to make in marker. After you're done with that, (you might need adult supervision for this part) take a nail and hold it on the dot you made with your marker, and hammer it into the can and through the ice. Now take it out and repeat that process on all the dots. After you are done remove the ice from inside the can, place a tea light in, wrap, and gift!

Joke of the Month

by Taylor Evans

A science teacher once ordered the steps of how water travels in the wrong order.

His students called it “The Hydroillogical Cycle.”

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Student Feature

Carl Thompson, Interviewed by Sylvia Colon

Q: What is your favorite subject in school?

A: Math

Q: What is your favorite food?

A: pasta

Q: Do you play an instrument?

A: yes, saxophone

Q: What is your favorite book?

A: I don't like reading, but probably The Crossover

Q: What do you like to do after school?

A: Play basketball

Q: What is your favorite restaurant?

A: Olive Garden and Chick Fil A

Q: Do you know any good jokes?

A: no

Q: What is your favorite video game?

A: Forza Horizon 3

Q: What is your favorite color?

A: red

Q: Do you have any pets? How many?

A: no

Q: Do you play sports? What sport?

A: Basketball. I am on the travel team this year

Q: What school did you attend in elementary school?

A: Dawe Elementary

Creative Writing Corner

Ice Skating Relay, Danica Grant

It was December 19th, all the boys and girls of Frozen Village participated in an ice skating relay. The competition was hosted by an ice skating store called Skates 4 You! The winning team would get a five hundred dollar gift card to the store Skates 4 You! The rules of the game were that each team must have 5 team members, all members must stay in the age range of your category, and no violence of any kind.

To play, one member at a time would go through the obstacle course and go back and high five your teammate, that teammate will go on to do the same thing. To win all teammates must do the obstacle course first.

Team one had Lilli, Bob, Carter, Tom, and Sammie. But they were not a normal team. Lilli decided that the only way they could win was to cheat. So Lilli chose Carter even though he was 16 and the age range for his category was 11-14. But that did not go to plan.

The day of the competition Lilli’s team was ready to win. She was so confident in her team winning. When they got there, they got to the starting line. First member up was Lilli. She went through the course speedy and came back and high-fived Bob. Bob was less experienced than Lilli so their team was losing. Tom was next and was very fast, but they were still behind. Sammie went, and she tried her best but didn’t beat the other team. Finally the team's secret weapon, Carter. Carter went and realized he may lose so he broke another rule and he went towards the another team member and tripped to make him fall. Carter won the race.

“We only won cause of me! Bob ruined it!” Carter yelled.

“Well I’m not the one breaking the rules!” yelled Bob.

“He is 16 and tripped the other team!”

Everyone was shocked. “And the winner is… team 2!” the announcer said.

“WHAT” Carter said.

And from that point on, Carter never played in the competition ever again.

Student Council Spirit Day Art Contest

reported by Matthew DePina with Mr. Colantonio

The OMS Student Council did a great job coordinating Spirit Day activities for the school for the Wednesday before the Thanksgiving break. There were gratitude activities (cards for veterans, thank you notes for teachers) and an art contest too. It was a great day thanks to the Student Council.

Take a look at the photos below for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners of the Thanksgiving Art Contest.

The Polar Splash Fun-Raiser

reported by Matthew DePina with Mr. Colantonio

On Friday, December 18th about 20 teachers volunteered to get a polar splash out in the cold to raise money for OMS families. Teachers had to raise a certain amount of money in their buckets to get wet. All teachers were able to get there, thanks to the generosity of the school community and the PTSO. More than $2,000 was raised for this great cause!

Take a look at the video of the event.

2020 OMS Polar Splash

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