Marine Energy

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What is Renewable Energy?

Renewable Energy is energy that never runs out. One example is the sun. The sun never runs out. And plants get energy from the sun. That is why it's a renewable energy. Non renewable energy can run out, non renewable substances is coal oil and other gases. They take a lot of time to develope and so they might run out soon. When it runs out it might come back in hundreds of years. Renewable substances is hard to turn into energy but it makes a lot of it and it will never run out.

What is Marine Energy?

Marine energy is energy made by water. It is also the power to do something. Like the power to light a light bulb even scientist use water power. Water power makes a lot of megawatts a month. It can make 9 megawatts a month for each house in the ü.s.

Some pictures of Marine energy

Amazing for the invierment.


- It has incredible amount of power

- It has energy potential

- Uk is into Marine energy

- Makes up to 9 megawatts (a day)m

- It's on course for 120 by 2020

- Harnesses the kinetic energy (up and down)

- It's made by a lot of renewable energy

- Dose not polute


- Not fully delivered on all its potential

- Numbers of areas have been kicked off

- Hard to get good location

- Sometimes in the way of animals

- Wave energy is down most times because of wave length