Guide to Bunburying

By: Diana

What is Bunburying?

Bunburying is a method for when you would want to escape from unwanted social obligations, or to just get away from home to go to other places and be someone else.

Why become a Bunburyist?

Why would you want to be a bunburyist? Well maybe you want to get away from your responsibilities at home. Or you just want some time to party, and know how it feels like to be someone else for the day.

things you will need

1. 2 different phones

2. A wig

3. Different clothes

4. Colored Contact Lenses (if you wear glasses)

5. New name

6. Good excuses
7. Birth certificate, Social Security number etc.


Excuses to Bunburying

A. Tell your family members that you have to go see your friend because he/she is sick or needs assistance.

B. Say that you have to go out of the city/country because you have a business trip to attend to.

Steps to Bunburying

Step 1: Your memory

Having a good memory will be very helpful for managing your two lives.

STEP 2: background

You should have a background because people would like to know stuff about you.

You should have a birth certificate for your Bunbury. Also have a different Social Security number.

Step 3: Think of a new name!

Before you go out and be someone else, you have to have a different name. You can choose whatever name you want as long as it's not the same as your real name.

Step 4: Change your look!

If you want to have two lives then you have to change your appearance. Have a different hair style. Have a very divergent wardrobe so your the people that see don't think you look like your regular self.

Step 5: Have different phones

Having different types of phones can help with your fake identity. If you have a phone that you designed yourself and you go out, people might recognize it and catch you.

Step 6: Choose your friends carfully

Don't hang around with the same people or the same places. If you do then people will start to get suspicious and might discover you. Besides if you said that you have an "evil twin" nobody would believe you because nobody can pull that off.

Step 7: Use a different voice

Change your voice so everybody will see that you are a totally different person that they had never seen before.

step 8: have a different personality

Your personality is very important for when you are Bunburying because that determine who you are for the people that you meet. So you should be the opposite of what you normally are. Don't make your Bunbury the same as you. Have different interests and do different things.

Step 9: different Accesories

If you wear glasses you might want to wear colored contacts for when you're Bunburying. Or if you have a special necklace (or favorite earrings) that you wear all the time, then you might want to change them.


how people will find out your secret

You could blow your own cover by wearing the wrong clothes. People would recognize you and that would not be good.Don't take pictures with people with your Bunbury because then people would look at it and then post it, and find out it's you.

Having the wrong personality

Your personality can give away your secret because if you do and say what you normally would people will sooner or later find out the truth.

answering the wrong phone

Be careful which phone you answer because then you might be talking to the wrong person about the wrong stuff.

wearing the wrong things

Having the wrong accessories can give you out. For example, wearing glasses when you told people that you never wear glasses.


Check yourself!!!

1. You should always check yourself out in the mirror very good before going out.

2. Don't hang out with the same people you normally would.

3. Mark your phones so you won't get confused who you're talking to.

4. Look at the caller ID before answering because maybe other people gave out your number.

5. Avoid taking pictures while you're Bunburying.

6. Never wear the same accessories, especially things that your friends gave you like BFF necklaces/bracelets, or charm bracelets.

7. Hide some birthmarks that are visible and recognizable.

8. Have a great memory!

9. Have a planner to help you organize your events!

Remember to take great precautions while Bunburying. It will be fun to know how it feels like to be someone you're not. Happy Bunburying!