A Guide To Bunburying

Janai Stubblefield

What is Bunburying?

Bunburying is when someone comes up with a new personality and pretendeds to be that person to escape responsiblities, family and other things. If you don't like the way your life is turning out, then bunburying is the best thing for you.
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Steps to Bunbury the Right Way

If you are going to be successful in bunburying, unlike Earnest, you need to follow these steps. They will lead you to a path of greatness, and a life of fun.

1. Come up with a believeable new name for yourself.

2. Get New Clothes and Hair

3. Find a Place to Live Where No One Knows You

4. Come up with Reasons to Get Away

5. Test Your Bunburying Plan

6. Come Up With An Escape Plan

Possible Problems That Come With Bunburying

Hurting Your Family

When bunburying you could possibly hurt your family, if they find out. You should think about those things if you plan to bunbury. People can get hurt and you could possibly regret it.

Solutions: Be careful and make sure that they never find out. See the next problem and solution to find out how not to expose yourself.

Exposing Yourself

There is a possibility that you could slip up and expose yourself. You could wear the wrong clothes or show the wrong I.D. Make sure that you are prepared and that you try your best not to expose yourself.

Solution: Come up with a system for switiching from person to person. It will make it easier to switch and to avoid slip ups.

Getting Sick of The Bunbury Life

Your new life could get boring, if you do not try hard to make it more interesting than your old life.

Solution: Make your new life exciting and fun. Do things that you wouldn't normally do.

The Guilt

You could start to feel guilty about lying to your family and friends everyday. You may feel as if you will have to lie to them forever.

Solution: Don't think about you old life often and try not to lie as much to your family.

Being Lonely

Making new friends is hard when you are starting in a new place. You have a whole new name and personality. You might start to feel lonely and miss your old peers. But, if you would like to bunbury you are going to have to be able to deal with it sometimes.

Solution: Make as many friends as you possibly can. Even if they are not just like your old self, they might be good for your new self.

Escape Plan

If you are ever caught in the act of Bunburying you should come up with an escape plan. If you are struggling then you should just use this one. Follow the steps below.

1. Buy or rent a separate house or apartment that you can go if everyone finds out.

2. Quickly pack up your things

3. Create a new identity

4. Get a private mode of transportation that will take you to your destination

5. Move into your new place and stay there until your old family and friends forget what happened.

Popular Bunburyist

Janai Stubblefield

I am a personal bunburying trainer. Do you want to escape from your own horrible life. If so, call me and I can help you out.