Week 8 Term 3

Upcoming Events

Open Night- 10 September 5:30-7:00pm for years PP-12 and 2:45pm-4:30pm for Kindy

Inter school Athletics- 17 September 10:00am to 1:00pm

Year 3/4 Assembly 22 September 2:00pm

P&C Meeting 23 September 5:00pm

Holidays: 26 September to 13 October

Note: Term 4 School starts back on Wednesday 14th October

Sports Carnival

Thank you to all of the staff, parents and students that worked tirelessly to ensure a successful carnival. Moving froward to 2021 we will present Championship medals in year groups not junior, intermediate, senior. The Championship medals have been awarded for overall points of individuals including jumps and throws. We wish to acknowledge these students:

Champion Pre-Primary Girl: Isla

Runner Up Champion Pre-Primary Girl: Lakey

Champion Pre-Primary Boy: Izunna

Runner Up Champion Pre-Primary Boy: Oliver

Champion Junior Girl: Zinab

Runner Up Champion Junior Girl: Harper

Champion Junior Boy: Sethan

Runner Up Champion Junior Boy: Brydan

Champion Intermediate Girl: Violet and Quinn

Champion Intermediate Boy: Mohammed

Runner Up Champion Intermediate Boy:Miles

Champion Senior Girl: Greta

Runner Up Champion Senior Girl: Yesui

Champion Senior Boy: Brock

Runner Up Champion Senior Boy: Trey

Champion Open Girl: Sea

Runner Up Champion Open Girl: Crystal

Champion Open Boy: Saxon

Runner Up Champion Open Boy: Orlando

Thank you to Transalta for catering this event.

Interschool Carnival

This will be held on Thursday 17 September at 10am. All students that are involved will be informed. Can I please remind parents that this is an alcohol free event.


After analysing the results of the parent survey I feel the need to clarify the reason for the changes in the car park.

When we were in the midst of a pandemic this year all Education Department Schools were directed to keep parents offsite. This was NOT a school decision. The result of this has been bringing all early childhood children to the front of the school for collection by the parents at the end of the day. This has increased the traffic at a particular time of the day resulting in danger to students in the car park after school. After consultation about the situation with BHP and The Leonora Shire it was decided to close the car park until a risk assessment can take place and an alternative solution found.

We are still encouraging social distancing and are proceeding to run events such as carnivals and assemblies. Please do not collect students from the classroom or enter the classrooms unnecessarily. Please use the kiss and drop facilities at the front of the school and daycare. Remain in your car and move on within 4 minutes.

BHP are coming to complete a risk assessment on the car park within the next two weeks. They will assist the school in a plan moving forward. Thank you for your patience.

Nut Policy

A child at our school had an Anaphylaxis episode at school last week as a result of sharing food. The child had no history of a nut allergy in the past and ended up at the medical centre. This situation has led to a revision of our Nut Aware policy. We have been proactive in updating the policy, getting it ratified by the board and implementing it immediately. Please review the attached policy.

My message to families is: NO NUTS at school please. This includes- Nutella, Peanut Butter and other products containing nuts.


With the easing of some of the COVID restrictions we are hosting assemblies again at the school. All parents of child receiving a merit certificate will be notified by the classroom teacher. Our next assembly will be held on 2 September at 2pm by the year 3/4 class.

Open Night

Please come along to our open night on 10 September 2020 to celebrate your child's success this year! The school will be open from 5:30-7:00 pm for PP-12 and kindy from 2:45pm-4:30pm. Year 5/6 students will be selling a sausage sizzle and baked goods to fundraise for the end of year graduation, so bring along some cash if your wish to purchase dinner!

Regional Executive Director Visit

Saeed Amin (Regional Executive Director) and Trevor Spence (Coordinator Regional Operations) will be visiting from Kalgoorlie Regional Office on 15th and 16th of October 2020.

High School Excursion

Our Secondary Students have been working hard and engaging with their current teaching model. To acknowledge them for their efforts Mr Evans and Mrs Morellini will be taking them on an excursion to Perth to Lazer Tag in Midland Gate. In addition they will have lunch there and fly back in the afternoon.

Goldfields Excursion

Now that restrictions in relation to excursions with The Education Department have been lifted we are able to hold excursions once again! Our school was very excited to be invited to Agnew Goldmine for a visit.The children had a lot of fun at this interactive excursion. It was informative and linked to our curriculum and whole school priorities. Although when we asked the children about it they said the best thing was the food!! Thank you to Agnew Goldmine for having us!

Book Parade/ Book Fair

Thank you to Danielle Rowan for coordinating the Book Fair. This was a great success. Thank you to all of those that assisted in the set up and that supported the school by purchasing books from this event.

Canteen Menu

The P & C have formed a sub committee to investigate some healthier options on our school canteen menu. We look forward to these exciting changes in Term 4! Please complete the survey below (created by the year 5/6 students) in regards to a new menu.

Healthy Lunch Choices

Parents and carers are often called the ‘nutritional gatekeepers’ in the home, meaning that they hold the biggest food influence on the lives of their children and also their partners. For some, food preparation can be an onerous task that seems never ending. Please view the following links to find many useful tips and general ideas that can make the task easier and help you to ensure all the members of your household are receiving the best possible nutrition

Kindy orientations

First Two Days of Term 4

Teachers will be engaged in Professional Learning for the first two days of Term 4. One of our Professional Learning days will be at Leonora with the rest of our network.

School Stream

We have invested in a new communication app for the school called School Stream. You will be sent an invite shortly.


The uniform shop is run by the P&C committee. Because the P&C is a voluntary group, processes have been put in place to ensure ease of accessing school uniform If you wish to order a uniform please follow these steps:

  • Complete the uniform order from from the website or ask Colleen for one.
  • Make your payment online and send a copy of the receipt to either Colleen or Naomi
  • Collect your uniform from the front office!
  • Some slight alterations to uniform prices will go through the School Board this week.

Parent Survey

Thank you to all of the families that responded to the survey! We had 43 respondents this year as opposed to 11 last year. Your feedback is valued. Your feedback has been analysed at a staff level and will be taken to the Board. I would like to share the following with you.

Our most improved areas:

  • The school is well led
  • The school looks for ways to improve

Highest scoring areas:

  • Teachers at this school care about my child
  • The school is well maintained

Areas for improvement:

  • I would recommend this school to others
  • I am satisfied with the overall standard of education achieved at this school

Just a couple of clarifications from the survey:

  • Assemblies were cancelled in alignment with Health Department guidelines surrounding COVID
  • Parents are not able to collect children and go into classroom because of COVID
  • We all think that Mark Enders does a fabulous job and are glad that you thought so too!


We will be advertising shortly for an additional Education Assistant and Teachers for 2021.

Scooter Raffle

Congratulations to Ruby West for winning a scooter and a helmet for wearing her helmet whilst out and about. We will be drawing another one at our next assembly.

Contributions and Charges

Thank you to the 27% of families that have paid their $60 Contribution Fees and Charges. We are aiming for 90% by the end of the year. If you have not yet paid please click on the link below for further information on how to do this.