Magnolia Intermediate's Message

Week of Sept. 14th

Face to Face Information

We have a week under our belt, and what a great week. Below you will find some important nuts and bolts information.

First, absences are recorded if a student is not physically present in the school. As in the past if your child is absent for any reason, please send a note upon their return.

Second, please be mindful of impeding the Junior High's drop of and pick up car rider line. For drop off, our doors open at 6:30. You should drop your child and continue on through the line. When drivers park and wait, the junior high students are unable to access their school in a safe manner. In the afternoons, the Junior high releases at 2:25. To ensure the safety of the Junior High students during this time, our officer or other staff member will be directing any parked vehicles back into the flow of traffic. Once the Junior High has completed loading our parents will then be allowed to park. Please be aware the Junior High's loading area is the same as ours.

In closing allow me to reiterate, we are so pleased to have students back in our school. It is the greatest thing to hear the sound of engaged learners, see the smiles in their eyes, and have a chance to visit with them!

Virtual Learners

It was a week learning together. We are still working to make sure our students understand what virtual learning looks like. In an effort to clarify the virtual school schedule and expectations we have put together some helpful information.

First, for student work it is important that they not just click on the to do list, but follow the preceding steps. Students need to click on the course, work through the lesson as designed by the teacher, watch the complete video, and only then should they do the assignment.

Second, The following details explain when the zoom meeting will be held for each of the core classes. Click HERE for more information. Be sure you are viewing the correct grade level message.

Please don't forget to complete the lessons for fine arts, electives, and PE.

This is a new era for MIS educators, but one we are excited to navigate with you and our students!