Fresh Fuel

Fresh Food to Fuel You

Introducing Fresh Fuel!

We are a new Boston based company who specializes in creating fresh and nutritious meals that fuel your fitness routine. Fresh Fuel is a food service that provides pre-portioned, healthy and clean meals. Our meals are made fresh twice a week and are designed to stay fresh for the week. Do you have clients that you think would be interested in Fresh Fuel? Let us know!

Sample Meal Plan

About Fresh Fuel

Fresh Fuel was started to fill a void in the Boston fitness scene. While researching healthy meal programs in the area, Arnoux discovered there was very little to choose from. He decided to start his own food service business that caters to men and women who are serious about fitness. His clients would be professionals who go from work to the gym and have little time to shop clean and cook healthy and nutritious meals for themselves. Knowing that he needed a master in the kitchen, Arnoux reached out to his friend Nick who had recently graduated from culinary school. With a passion for flavorful and healthy food, Nick created great tasting meal options that are clean and portioned properly. Together, they are an unstoppable pair who are determined to take over the Boston fitness scene. Fresh Fuel is going to be the leader in pre-portioned clean meals in this area. Don't wait. Fuel your fitness today with Fresh Fuel!