The Leader of the Old Testament

What He Did

Moses is my favorite hero in the Bible, because he did so much. He separated the Red Sea to lead the Hebrew slaves out of Egypt, he broke the first set of the Ten Commandents, He talked with God when He was in the form of a burning bush.

The Beginning of His Life

Moses was a Hebrew, but the pharaoh decided that all Hebrew boys be killed so they did not free the slaves and make him step down from the throne. So, his mother with his sister Miriam put him in a basket and put him on the a Nile River. He floated all the way to the pharaoh's daughter, who kept him and raised him as her own.

I agree with Moses because there should be no slaves at all!


"Fear ye not, and see the salvation of the LORD"


1. How did you remain so faithful?

2. What exactly did GOD say to you?

3. How many times were you at risk, for your life?

The Prince of Egypt - God Speaks to Moses [1080p HD]