Audi Marketing Mix

Audi was founded on July 16, 1909


Audi is a luxurious automobile company, making the finest looking vehicles to date.

Like any manufacturer, Audi offers various styles and models of vehicles. Most of Audi's vehicles are high performance. The styles of vehicles offered are sedans, SUVs, coupes and convertibles.


The least expensive vehicle by Audi (A3) starts at ~$31,000. The most expensive (R8) is ~$161,000.

Audi is a luxury brand and therefore is very expensive, which appeals to people with high incomes.


Audi's headquarters is in Bavaria, Germany. This is where it's global production is overseen. It has recently started selling more in India, while still having presence all over the world. There are 28 dealerships across 11 states in India. Audi is continuing to grow in Asian countries, and is of course prominent in Europe and the U.S. Audi USA is based in Herndon, Virginia and has more than 285 dealers nationwide.


Audi sponsors many sports teams and venues, such as some Italian soccer teams. Their slogan in the US is "Truth in Engineering," and in other parts of the world it is "Progress Through Technology." The company also uses TV commercials and billboards to subtly advertise their car. Heavy promotion is not needed due to Audi already having a sturdy reputation and quality vehicles.

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