Greer Middle College Charter H.S.

Wednesday Wrap Up


  • Friday is a "B" day. No dress down for students this Friday because of the all-week option next week. Teachers may wear jeans.
  • No cluster this Friday. Enjoy the gift.
  • We will have Saturday School/Detention this Saturday. I will be here a little before 8 until a little after noon. If you would like to come and grade, make copies, or input grades, please come.
  • We would love for everyone to come to our get together next Thursday night. Please include on the form what you are bringing. Link :
  • Also PIP will be feeding us around 12:45-1:00 Thursday, December 17 in the cafe.
  • Reminder: You are to have at least 9 minor grades and 3 major grades per 9 weeks. Important: Jan. 10 is the date to put in for exam grade (E1) if you do not have an end of course exam in May. Put the mid term exam as a test grade if you do have an end of course exam. Need help--see me or a teacher buddy.
  • Exams: You are to administer a mid-term exam to your students during the designated time. If you have questions, see me or Mr. Dillard. The exam schedule link:

  • Ed. Support and exams: let me know via email if you have an exam that will require oral admin.

  • Do not forget about your 16-17 courses to Vickie by December 18. Speaking of Vickie, she is not feeling well.

  • Also, Ms. Waddle is not feeling well. Please pass along good thoughts and prayers to each. If Ms. Waddle is not here Friday, we will do retesting in each respective teacher's room.

  • Heads up on payment: you will get paid on the 15th of Dec. and again on the 18th; there will not be another payment until Jan. 15th.

  • Congratulations to Kelley and her finance. After Saturday, it will be Mrs. Bailey!

  • The Elementary and Secondary Education Act appears to be heading towards re-authorization. Here is the link:

  • Have a great rest of the week!