Assessment, Targets & Feedback

Formative Assessment & Summative Assessment


Definition: formal and informal in-process evaluation.

Methods: Argue, Show, Explore, Define, Complete, Identify, Report, List, Locate, Illustrate, Grade, Conduct, Examine, Justify, Sketch, Diagram, Merge, Rate, Role Play, Solve, Critique, Compose, Design, Test, Write, Compare, Repeat

Practical Applications: Kahoot!, Pole Everywhere, TurnIt In, Blendspace.


Definition: cumulative evaluation at the end of a course or unit to determine if learning goals have been met

Methods: Portfolio, Paper, Project, Presentation, Post-Test, Provided/Generic Exams

Learning Targets & Effective Feedback


Definition: brief statements that describe what students are expected to know, understand, and do.

Tips: Frame targets as learning, rather than activities; Write targets in student-friendly language; Post in the classroom; Talk explicitly about the target; Formatively assess student understanding.


Definition: communication continuum on progress, regarding attaining a goal

7 Keys to Effective Feedback:

1. Goal Referenced

2. Tangeable and transparent

3. Actionable

4. User Friendly

5. Timely

6. Ongoing

7. Consistent

Self Assessment & Peer Assessment


Definition: evaluation of oneself, or ones actions or attitudes of performance of a learning target

Practical Applications: Stoplight, Rate-It, Exit Slip, Reflections, Behavior Scale, Think-Tank, Thumbs-Up, Down, Sideways


Definition: team members evaluating team members

Tips: One Positive, One Suggestion, One Question

Practical Applications: Group Discussions, Glow vs. Grow