My Trip to Colorado by: Kyle Tayfel

Earth science in Colorado

My trip to colorado included science because it had mountains rocks and water. The first picture is a random mountain. The second picture is my family and I climbing up rocks and a waterfall. The third is my family and I white water rafting.

Interesting part of my trip

When my family and I went to Colorado our trip was during the Fourth of July. During the Fourth of July we stayed in Denver. Our family hung out in the morning and later that day we went to my dad's friend's house. They had a few people over and we played games and had food. Denver has a football, baseball basketball, and a hockey team and an awesome city. So later that night we were driving through the city and the sky was lit up. They were coming from the stadiums and the crazy city people. It was a blast!

Three interesting facts or information about me, Kyle Tayfel

As a student I like to hangout and try to have fun. As a "man" I like to play football and be active. I also enjoy hanging with my friends and making bracelets with my "business".