Traveler Guide to the solor System


Directions/ discription

1.7 AU from earth or 2.7 AU from the sun. We orbit about 23,460 km off of Mars. Deimos measures 12 km across. One of our days is around 30.5 hours so there is a long to relax and enjoy your stay at Diemos

Biathlon and Free style terrian park

Friday, June 14th, 1:15pm

Diemos, Mars

The Biathlon is now being held on Deimos. the moon's round shape and flat surface is perfect for some good cross country skiing.


event time from 3:00 pm Friday to 10:00 Saturday Morning
3:00-4:00 arrival and practice time
4:00-4:10 check in time
4:10-4:30 Opening ceremony
4:30-6:00 Biathlon Races and free style terrain parks open
6:00-8:00 Last race and free style terrain parks close
9:00-10:00 Awards ceremonies