60s Fashion

dress to impress/it's groovy baby

early 60s

The early sixties included many of the fifties styles such as the pill box hats and feminine dresses. More conservative, refined, and classic styles were worn during this time. Women would only wear pants for super casual activities. Dresses were the main attire and were longer in length. For social occasions and evening wear, ladies would accessorize by wearing gloves.

mid 60s

People were getting bored, so the fashion designers had to think of something new and quick. That's when British influences came in by storm. The fashion styles came from London and everybody wanted to get "the London look". This is when more mod and subtle looks were introduced.

late 60s

By the late 1960s, fashion changed drastically. Skirts were shorter, colors were brighter, and dresses were more form fitting. Prints that were popular in the late 60s were stripes, mob flowers, groovy abstract prints, and plaid. The typical skirts and dresses ladies wore were A-line dresses, mini-skirts, the paper dresses, sleeveless shift dresses, wool sweaters with skirt sets, baby doll dresses, and jumpers. The differences in style from the beginning of the decade to the end were astounding. Women had more freedom to express their individuality and creativity by dressing the way they wanted.

Fashion Icons throughout the 60s

The faces of the 60s fashion are still iconic today . The sixties was a period when people were becoming more liberal and wanted to try new things. Today we still wear many things that were inspired by this era. Icons such as Jackie Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn, Cher, Twiggy, Mary Quant, Marsha Hunt (to the left), and many others who are associated with the 60s.

Extra Facts

  • The three distinct styles of the 60s: classic, hippy, and mod.
  • Makeup looks were all about the lashes.
  • Men's clothing changed just as drastically as the women's. By the late 1960s, their pants got tighter and hair got longer.
  • Hair styles that were popular were straight long hair, geometric cuts, bangs, and wearing headbands.