Gojek Clone Super App

Grow Your Multi-Service Business With This “Super App”

Gojek Clone App has become a one-stop solution for your modern-day’s need. From transportation to food delivery to get a maid, this Super App offers a 70+ wide range of different services under a single app.

Gojek Clone App has grown to become one of the most user-friendly apps. It enables you to launch your On-Demand Multi-Service instantly. The app is 100% white-label that offers customizability, and scalability along with reducing the development cost.

It makes it super easy and quick to launch your On-Demand Business.

Why Business Owners Wants To Invest In Gojek Clone App

  • The Super Apps are transforming the face of businesses.
  • With the latest features and sleek functionalities, an app like Gojek has witnessed phenomenal growth making traditional business practices outdated.
  • Gojek Clone offers 70+ multi-services that allow the customers to place single as well as multiple orders from single or multiple stores/restaurants.
  • The Gojek Script Solution is white-labeled and 100% customizable where the Admin can make changes to meet the rising demands of the customers.
  • Furthermore, Gojek Clone Script includes New Features as well as Advanced-level features that are aimed to increase your profits.

A reputed Gojek Clone Script Development company brings uniqueness by incorporating New Version Features that are really on demand.

Gojek Clone App Solutions – New Features

Gojek Clone App is available for iOS and Android that includes New Version Features 2021 along with a dynamic design that can be availed at an unbeatable price.

1. The novel feature "Restricted Passenger Limit" enables the driver to limit the seating subject to the latest COVID19 rules.

2. The face mask verification feature ask for the verification of the driver ensuring safety rules are followed

3. Safety ratings from the passengers allows improvement for the betterment of the improved services

4. Taxi fare calculation 2 models allow implementing payment methods suiting taxi business requirements.

5. The ride cancelation feature allows both driver and the passenger to cancel the ride if either of them not following the safety measures.

6. OTP verification feature is where the driver/service provider asks the passenger before starting the trip/tasks.

7. Graphical status of the ride/order allows the user to know the real-time status of the order/ride in the form of graphical icons through in-app notifications

8. Daywise separate time slots enable the store owners/restaurants to keep their work timings depending on their customer’s demands.

9. The "Voice Instruction" feature enables the user to send a voice note to the driver regarding delivery preferences.

Gojek Clone Super App Creates More Value For Your Business

If you are a budding entrepreneur or already have an established business that wishes to grow on-demand, Gojek Clone fits the idea.

Enabling you to launch your On-Demand business in just 7 business days. Offering 70+ On-Demand Services under a single application makes your app the most preferred choice for shopping/ordering destinations for the customers.

Since it is a ready-to-launch application, it offers flexibility to customize the features, themes, and more the way you’re an on-demand business.

Once you take the live demo, you are all set to launch your Gojek Clone in the market and generate multiply your revenue immediately.