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Sreypich Heng - Criteria C - Creating the Solution


Nov 25th

  • Measuring the body of the giraffe (10 mins)
  • Start sewing the body (25 mins)
  • Stuff the body with cotton (5 mins)

Nov 28th

  • Cut out the head (4 mins)
  • Sew half of the head (15 mins)

Dec 1st

  • Cut the poka-dots (15 mins)
  • Stick them on to the giraffe (25 mins)
  • Finishing touches on the ears and other places (30 mins)

Dec 8th

  • Show day

Screenshots Steps

Step #1: Draw your design and label the lengths

By doing this step, it is going to help you cut and measure correctly when you make your toy.
Big image

Step #2: Get your materials

Ask your teacher to get what you need
Big image

Step #3 : Start cutting and sewing

You will need a half a meter ruler, to measure and cut out the body of the giraffe.

Step #4: Flip it inside out

After, you finish sewing the body, flip it inside out. Flipping it inside out, is going to help you see a clean look on the giraffe.
Big image

Step #5: Stuff the body

It's a soft toy, so we have to stuff it. By stuffing the toy, it will look fuller and easier to grab.

Step #6: Cut the head, sew it and attach it

You will need to find an oval object to outline the head in. Then, you'll need to sew it and then flip it as usual. After that, you'll need to attach the head to the neck by glueing it or sewing it. In this case, I hot glue gun it because it was easier.

Step #7: Finishing touches

Finish all the little details and you're done!

Step #7

Make the ear and attach it.
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Final Product

Big image

Changes from Draft to Final

Big image
  • A lot of the measurement from my draft was too small, so during the creating part, I made my measurements smaller or bigger to fit the right size.
  • I changed the colors too, due to the lack of materials.